Summit EX

The eagle summit is very fast, and worth every penny

44 words

Summit ex 1.8L

The car is a rice racer

99 words

Summit 1.5

I don't ever want to give this car up!

361 words

Summit DL 1.5 liter 4 cylinder gas

Reliable and efficient for the past 10 years!

226 words, 1 comment

Summit ES 1.8 litre, 24 valve

Decent cheap, first car

213 words, 1 comment

Summit ES 1.8L 16v

A high quality car for a very low price

461 words

Summit ES 1.5 Ltr

Very fast, dependable and nice looking car

174 words

Summit DL 1.3?

Old, banged up, but still reliable

157 words

Summit LX 1.8

This is one awesome car for reliability and a great bargain.

147 words, 2 comments

Summit 1.5??

Try to avoid buying one!

68 words, 4 comments