1967 Fiat 1100 R 1.1


Vintage Italian sedan style


Rust issues.

Seats have worn badly (expected after 40 years).

Paint faded.

General Comments:

This car is a real classic. It is subtle, but classy in appearance. I have the R model, which includes a factory side-draft Weber. Purchased this car as a restoration project. Nice peppy engine and great handling. It's a small car, but fairly roomy inside. They are very rare in North America.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2009

14th Nov 2009, 08:02

LOVE the car...

28th Feb 2010, 21:16

I owned a 1963 1100D and loved the car. 4 speed on the column was very cool. I then bought a 1967 1100R; had also had a very good experience.

Currently own a 82 Spider. Would love to get another 1100!!

7th May 2010, 22:27

I have a 1967 Fiat 1100R also. I'm starting to restore it. It sat for over 20 years untouched in a garage. You are right these cars are so rare, especially the R.. I think there are less than 10 left in the USA. Mine is in NJ. My email is band_ache @ yahoo dot com

5th Jun 2012, 00:54

You can always get parts in India, where it was manufactured till 1994.