1968 Fiat 600 D 767cc


A cute and amazingly compact vehicle


The wiper motor is sluggish and barely moves the wipers.

Some of the light lenses are cracked.

The front window and rear window rubbers are cracked and shrunken.

The luggage compartment won't open with the lever.

There are no seat-belts in the car, this really surprised me - I thought it was illegal.

General Comments:

I just bought the car. It was sold new in California, then went to Oregon. I had it transported to Arizona.

It was originally beige but was repainted red. The interior is still beige. It does not have the sunroof.

A previous owner fitted a Fiat Spyder exhaust manifold and Abarth muffler. It also has a non-standard twin-choke Weber carburetor.

Apart from the faults listed, the car is in amazing condition for a 40-year old car.

I desperately need an ENGLISH owners manual or a copy. Can anyone help?

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 24th August, 2008