1982 Ford F250 EXPLORER




Not a thing I was given the truck a couple months ago from my grandfather. Who can no longer drive.

General Comments:

I love cruising around in this old tuff truck. The truck is all original down to the spark plug wires. She has 38800 miles on her and runs great. I like driving this beast more than my BMW. I think she needs a tune-up, but still starts and runs great everytime out. She does drink a lot of gas though, a tune-up should help that. If you can find one that has not been totally beat down, then buy it. This thing feels like it could run through a brick wall and keep going.

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Review Date: 20th November, 2007

1982 Ford F250 XL 6.6 400ci


Best truck Detroit made since 1982


When I got the vehicle, nearly every thing imaginable was wrong. I had to replace everything from windows to tires on it. But nothing serious was wrong with it. The engine needed a tune up and the brakes were bad. I put $1000.00 in her rite off the bat. And other than a water pump at 173,000 miles and a starter at 174,000 she has been awesome.

General Comments:

She is a great truck.

I use it to work and cruz.

This truck will work all day long and ask for more. Long after the owner wants to quit.

I honestly can't complain about a truck that someone was going to throw away and with a little love and elbow grease came back to life and fights every day!!!

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Review Date: 28th September, 2003