1991 Ford F350 xlt 7.5L V8


I love it!


Fuel pump solenoid went out fairly early--maybe 50,000 miles. It came on even when no one was in the vehicle, causing the battery to run down.

Park/neutral switch went out in the transmission at about 115,000 miles, causing the vehicle to fail to start.

Transmission went out at about 120,000. Seals failed, apparently due to the vehicle not being run often enough to keep them lubricated.

General Comments:

In spite of its size, this truck is fun to drive and definitely sticks to dry pavement. I like to say that it straightens out the corners, because I can drive it down a very curvy road without ever slowing for the bends. Lots of power when unloaded, like a giant sports car.

However, when pulling a heavy trailer, I think it ought to have more power for the size engine it has. Seventy mph on the freeway is easy, as long as the road is flat. Hills present a problem. Maybe I'm expecting too much, but it's like driving a big truck and slows down on uphill grades. Even modern trucks, fully loaded, can handle freeway grades without much slowing. I'm disappointed in the F-350's performance pulling a heavy trailer. It ought to be better for 11 mpg. (When I say "truck," I'm talking about tractor-trailer units that gross 80,000 pounds.)

Other than pulling a heavy trailer, this vehicle is a delight. Handling, power, and driver comfort are great. Heavy loads in the bed are no trouble at all, even well over the recommended limits.

The only other caveat I would offer is for sticking to the road under slippery conditions. My advice: leave it parked.

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Review Date: 18th January, 2008

1991 Ford F350 Custom cab 7.3L IDI


Tough as an ox, fun to drive.


Nothing has gone wrong with the vehicle. It is in very good condition, and very reliable. The owner before me had rewired things such as the rear tail-lights, so I am having to redo his wiring. Other than that, the truck is in tip-top running condition.

General Comments:

The truck is a long-wheel-base, and a dually. The entire length of it is just under 20', and the dual rear wheels make for a wide stance. Despite the dimensions, the truck handles very well. I had driven a 4 door Mercedes before this, and the only thing I notice differently is the turning radius. You have to back it up to clear stuff in front of you. As for general maneuverability, I was surprised as to how nimble it really is.

I gave the truck a 5 for comfort, that is because it has a vinyl bench seat, which is not uncomfortorable, but does make for a sweaty back no matter how cold the interior is.

I gave the running cost a 7 because I am getting surprisingly good fuel mileage from the truck. The rear end is geared 4.10, and has a 5 speed manual transmission. Currently I get about 23 miles per gallon. I can get 25 miles per gallon if I shift at a lower rpm, and keep my foot out of the floor.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2005

26th Dec 2014, 07:39

This is a response to the guy claiming 23 MPG, 25 MPG highway if he keeps his foot off the floor. Seriously??? Not even modern turbo diesel Ford trucks can manage the claimed mileage you indicate. Anyone else scratching their heads on how he's getting that MPG claim from a F-350 Dually diesel 7.3 liter International motor? On long highway runs, 65 mph, my tanks manage 212 miles from 16 gallons. My calculator says 13.25 MPG tops! Now if my engine was turbocharged, say 10lbs of boost, total horsepower 310, I might improve gas mileage by 2 to 4 MPG, but still nowhere near 20 MPG. Anyone else want to comment on this?