F350 7.3 turbo diesel

Best work truck possible

58 words

F350 XLT 7.5

Gas sucking man's truck

239 words

F350 XL 7.3 turbo diesel

A gift from god

41 words, 3 comments

F350 XLT 7.3 Powerstroke

I love my truck

137 words

F350 XLT 7.3L turbo diesel

Great work vehicle that has been dependable

115 words

F350 XLT Crewcab 7.3 Powerstroke

If you want or need a REAL truck, not just a pretty boy road machine... this beast can't be beat

319 words, 13 comments

F350 Dually 7.5 Liter

This truck will pass anything, but a gas station

81 words, 5 comments