Festiva LX

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Festiva L 1.3 carb

My favorite out of the 25 cars I've owned

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Festiva L 1.3L Carburated

I've owned over 20 cars, and in the short time I've had it, it's the most reliable car I've ever had

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Festiva l carb 1.3 liter


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Festiva L Plus

I loved my Festiva and wish I still had it!

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Festiva LX 1.3

"The Beast" is always faithful

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Festiva LX 1.3L carbureted

Best backyard find ever!

88 words

Festiva L

I want this car to last my whole life

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Festiva L 1.3

Great little car

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Festiva 1.3

Best shoebox car ever made!

472 words

Festiva L 1.3

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Festiva L 1.3L carburetted

Great little car for anybody!

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Festiva LX 1.3L gas

A fast, versatile, inexpensive loyal friend

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Festiva LX 1.3

A very plain looking gem of a car

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Festiva L 1.3 gas

A car that has paid for itself over and over again and is like a member of the family

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Festiva LX 1.3 liter

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Festiva L plus 1.3 gasoline

Reliable, inexpensive transportation that will never let you down

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Festiva L 1.3 liter

A pretty good little car

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Festiva LX 4 cylinder

The little car that could do everything

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Festiva L 1.3

This is a much better car than a Metro for someone who wants a cheap used car!

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Festiva L 4 cyliner

Economical and very reliable

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Festiva GL 1.3

If I knew how good the car was I would have bought five new ones to last the rest of my life

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Festiva LX 1.3 4 cylinder

A car ahead of it's time and in no need of replacement

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Festiva LX 1.3 L carb

A great, reliable car

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Festiva LX? 4 cylinder

I love my Festiva!

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Festiva LX 1.3L I4

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