Festiva GL 1.3

I would love to own another one

76 words

Festiva L 1.3

Worthless piece of junk

267 words, 6 comments

Festiva L 1.3

It is the bane of my existence

241 words, 11 comments

Festiva L 1.3

Very good daily driver!

140 words

Festiva GL 1.3

A great car

111 words

Festiva L

Most economical car I have ever owned!

149 words


Top honors

184 words

Festiva L

This car was wonderful

191 words

Festiva L 1.3 liter gas

I wish they still made them; I'd get another in a heartbeat

207 words

Festiva GL 1.3 I4

Buy one with a 5-speed and a full interior!

130 words, 3 comments

Festiva GL 1.3


244 words, 2 comments

Festiva GL 1.3

Best bargain I ever had

126 words

Festiva L 1.3L

Likely the best economy car I'll ever own..

244 words

Festiva LX 1.3

Gas miser, and a great first car

167 words, 1 comment

Festiva L

A great price for a tiny car

171 words

Festiva GL 1.3L

A great reliable, economical little car!

184 words

Festiva L

Festiva equals perfection!

123 words, 1 comment

Festiva L 4 cylinder

Money well spent on a very reliable ride!

186 words

Festiva GL 1.3 Litre

It's my tuna can on wheels

162 words

Festiva L 1.3 EFI

The cheapest Honda Civic you'll ever buy

107 words

Festiva L 1.3

Peppy, fun, reliable, extremely cheap car

176 words

Festiva L

Not the most exciting car, but it is affordable and reliable!

138 words, 2 comments

Festiva LX? 1.3?

The BEST car I have had!!

123 words

Festiva LX 1.3

105 words, 2 comments