1978 Ford Granada 302 V8


The worst car I've ever owned


The car ran poorly from day one and only got worse. The dealer, which has since gone out of business, offered no support. Ford's only comment was the car was acceptable as it was.

This car, purchased new in 1978, basically self destructed.

General Comments:

Up until owning my 1978 Ford Granada, I was strictly a "Ford Man". Based on the extremely poor reliability of the car, along with the inexcusable build quality, this was the last American made car I ever bought.

From that point on I have owned only Hondas, which I have been extremely happy with.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2009

1977 Ford Granada Base "S" 302 V8


Great car! It's a classic!


The carb went bad a couple of times.

The original battery would die when it was really cold out.

At 250,000 in the 1990s the engine and trans were rebiult. Along with brakes and new tires.

Other than that, regular maintenance has kept the car going.

General Comments:

Good car. Mine hasn't rusted out yet. Recommend it to anyone.

Not the fastest car, but I paid around 3,000 for it, and it's been the cheapest and best car I ever bought.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2009

1978 Ford Granada 6 cylinder 220 cu in


Can't kill it


Transmission blew at 49,000 miles.

EGR valve.

Ignition module.

A frame driver's side.


Had head gasket leak fixed with gasket sealer.

General Comments:

Had the car for 18 years, sold it and saw it still on the road 10 years later. It's a car you can't kill.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2008

13th Jun 2012, 20:43

Can't kill it? Trans blew at 49K woulda

"killed it " for me, unless covered under warranty.

1975 Ford Granada Ghia 4 door


"A $500 piece of garbage."


A lot of things went wrong with the car. It wasn't taken care of at all.

General Comments:

We paid $500 for it back in 1987. We got off of a friend of ours who had it on his used car lot in Cinnaminson New Jersey. The car was supposed to be silver, but it looked more like a grey primer. The vinyl top was black, and looked fair at the time we got the car. The original hubcaps were still on the car! The interior looked fine.

As for how it ran, that's another story. It religiously stalled out a lot. Then during the 3 years of ownership, it was problem after problem.

Finally, when we took it to our mechanic one day, the mechanic called us to tell us that the fire department had to come to the repair shop. Why?

Because the motor had caught fire. So we sold the car to the mechanic for only $50!

I would never buy one of these because they are not too reliable, and they're ever so hard to get parts for.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2006

27th Sep 2007, 00:10

I agree that it is becoming very difficult to find parts for these cars now. But I have a 1975 2 door, Decor edition. With 313k + miles on it there are the rattles and such, but overall this car is great! If it weren't for the "car" ground clearance, I could go where most trucks go as far as rough roads are concerned and never worry about anything coming apart. I have used it as a time trial racer, pull-it-outta-the-ditch tow vehicle, tow it for 63 miles home vehicle, moving trailer tow vehicle and unpaved road rally racer. This car is SOLID! I was ill advised that the engine needed overhaul in order to pass the smog test at 299K. So I did. There was nothing wrong with the engine and even the rod and main bearings still looked new! I also foolishly decided to have the tranny redone. Since the rebuilds, the car is not as good as it was. Not even close. First time I've ever let someone else do what I can do. And now I pay the price. But this is not Ford's fault. I plan on keeping my Granada for life. Sorry you did not have the same great experience.