1977 Ford LTD 2 351 Windsor V8


Great car, family passdown to my son


Nothing major has ever gone wrong with this car. This car has never been in a shop other than for a tune up...

General Comments:

This is a 77' LTD 2 two door with a 351 Windsor; one of the best made engines I think... there is nothing bad about this car...

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Review Date: 15th July, 2010

1977 Ford LTD II 351 Windsor (5.8L) V8


Believe it or not, great first car..


Nothing Major.

Alternator replaced (Bad Bearing).

Foot Dimmer Switch (Original quit after 27 years)

General Comments:

I love this car.

It is my first car, I bought it for 500 bucks with minor surface rust and a dent in the door. My mom and dad got the body fixed up for me as a birthday present.

Its really a good first car. It very forgiving, even at its limits. It's got the Punch you need and then some. It really motivates for a 4100LB Coupe.

It handles well, with just a touch of understeer when being shoved hard around a corner, but it never breaks free.

This car is one of the most reliable I've ever seen.

I kicked the timing up about 5 degrees and it really pulls hard now, but it was really powerful before. Don't let the numbers fool you, these things have the torque.

The inside is like sitting on a living room sofa. Its got tons of room, and the knobs are easy to read, grab, and work. Its got a very basic Dash, Speedo, Temp, and Fuel, with idiot lights for Alternator, Oil Pressure, and Brakes.

Parking it is somewhat hard, with a ocean liner turning radius and a hood as long as a pickup bed, but it isn't bad once you get used to it.

Gas mileage isn't even that bad, about 12 around town and up to 20 on the highway.

What I like is I know its safe, and it is just a fun car to drive and own.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2004

29th Dec 2005, 18:43

I have to aggre with you, I currently own a 77 LTD2 and I love it I never owned a car like this. Its all around perfect and so far I've only had one little problem with it, but it fixed itself before I could get it fixed (a small dead spot on accelerator).

23rd Oct 2006, 18:33

I'd also like to agree with you. I drive a 77 LTD II also and love it. It is definitely a boat, but that's what's cool about it. I am well known around my town for a sweet car which is what it is.

13th Dec 2006, 08:50

I agree also; I loved my 77 Ford LTD ii, nothing drives like it. With the 351w she would go 130mph easy. I got it in 2005 for $1,500 with 44,000 miles, no rust, best seats ever, but I sold it sadly and miss it, I raced many chevy's and smoked them! Know I will try to buy another one, but put a 428cj in it.

1977 Ford LTD 351 Cleveland


This is one of best cars ever made!


Nothing major has ever gone wrong with this car!

Minor problem that is more of an annoyance:

Left blinker indicator on dash is temper mental i.e. sometimes it stays on after use and sometimes it doesn't go on at all!. We've had it repaired three times the past 14 years, but within a year it starts to go "on the blink".

Other very minor problems:

Some chrome peeling on the rear bumper.

Burns oil just a little tiny bit.

An oil additive seems to help this.

General Comments:

I had just started college in 1990 and got this car for a couple hundred dollars. My friends made fun of me for buying a boat.

Other than the blinker being constantly "on the blink" (which at first was annoying, and now we just ignore it), this car has had no.. I repeat...NO major problems or even other minor problems in the past 14 years.

We have driven it cross country several times. A recent trip up to Mt. St. Helens fully loaded with six big adults and a trunk load full of gear proved no problem at all.

Yes it does use gas, but highway mileage is more than appropriate for a vehicle this size.

The car is comfortable to be in and easy to drive. Passengers compliment the interior all the time.

The factory tinted widows are incredible! The have kept the dark forest green vinyl interior absolutely beautiful.

Maintenance costs: Very, very low!

A new battery every 3-5 years, tires replaced as needed, oil is changed every 3-4,000 miles, tune-ups every 3-4 years, etc. Brakes and alignment work has been done once. We take care of this car and it takes care of us!

Insurance costs: moderate, but we carry full package, including replacement for older cars (which requires an appraisal from a listed appraiser).

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2004

13th Aug 2005, 23:00

I picked up my 1977 Ford LTD Standard 4-door Sedan (with optional 351M -400CID) about three years back. And so far, all I've have done is replace the original valves and hoses and wires, replaced an old battery, and gave it a paint job. I never even noticed the blinker problem, I laugh at it actually, and all my friends love the car! Burns no oil, runs very clean, but in town gas mileage is the worst I've ever seen. I don't care.

3rd Apr 2008, 11:04

I also own a 77 LTD, and have to say that it is the smoothest ride I have ever had. Because of its size and wheel spacing it isn't affected by bumps or ruts in the road. The gas mileage is not too good, but you should know to expect that, as it is a 77 model, as well as being gigantic. Overall, best car I have ever owned. 10/10, even with mileage.

22nd Aug 2008, 01:19

I agree, one of the best cars Ford ever built. Mine had the 351W with a ticking lifter when I bought it with 84k miles. I sold it after joining the military, but I saw it around town nearly 10 years later. My bumper sticker was still on it and you could still hear the lifter ticking. The mileage at that time was 178k!!

19th Oct 2009, 14:04

I bought my 77 LTD with the 351M about 8 months ago. I love it. The gas mileage is HORRIBLE 10 on the street and 12 on the highway and it is well tuned. Despite the gas costs, I love it. Very sturdy and so far no major issues. Before this I had a 71 Camaro and a 64 impala. This is by far my favorite car to drive.