Ranger XLT 4.0 V6

This truck is the best vehicle I have ever owned

127 words

Ranger Extended Cab 4.0 V6

When it works, it is enjoyable, and a great truck to have

243 words

Ranger XLT 3.0


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Ranger XLT 4.0


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Ranger XLT 4.0

This is the most dependable truck I've ever owned

56 words

Ranger XLT 2.3 liter

Great truck to own!

48 words

Ranger XLT 3.0 V6

62 words, 1 comment

Ranger Super Cab 4.0L

Buy it if you're good at electrical repairs

153 words

Ranger XLT 2.3 4 -cylinder

This is the best vehicle I have ever owned, so far

197 words

Ranger XLT 4.0

This is by far the best vehicle I have ever owned, bar none

141 words

Ranger XLT 3.0?

For the age and type, I think it is an excellent inexpensive little truck

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Ranger XLT Super Cab 4.0L V6

Best money I have ever spent!

77 words

Ranger XLT Long bed 2.3 gasoline

Great product

42 words

Ranger XLT 4 CL

Best vehicle ever made in the history of motorized transportation

300 words, 61 comments

Ranger xlt 4.0


60 words

Ranger X-cab 2.3L


238 words

Ranger XLT 4.0 efi

Very dependable

72 words

Ranger 2.3L 4 cylinder

Never owned a more reliable truck

182 words, 2 comments

Ranger Gold Edition 4.0 V6

It's an awesome four wheel drive vehicle, but it needs heavy repairs every year

320 words

Ranger XL Super Cab 2.3L 4-cylinder

A good truck, but not a great one

489 words, 3 comments

Ranger XLT 2.3

A good value

103 words

Ranger XLT 3.0L V6

If you can't afford a full size truck this one does pretty well till you can

131 words

Ranger XLT 2.3L

Very happy I bought it

130 words, 47 comments

Ranger XLT 4.0 liter 6 cyclinder

A reliable and fun truck to drive!

107 words, 1 comment

Ranger XL 2.3

Great first truck, awesome reliability

137 words, 2 comments

Ranger XLT 3.0 Liter

A great bargain for a truck

57 words

Ranger XL 4.0 Liter

This is a blast to drive with lots of power, go race some Mustangs and see!!

314 words, 2 comments

Ranger XL 2.3

Good bargain truck

130 words, 3 comments

Ranger XLT 3.0

Nothing special...gets the job done

95 words

Ranger XLT 4x4 4.0

FORD... king of the junk vehicles!!!

86 words, 15 comments