Tempo GL 2.3L 4 cylinder

Dependable, no-frills transportation

514 words

Tempo 2.3

A beater that begs to be ragged on, you won't be disappointed!

305 words

Tempo GL 2.3

Good started car

87 words

Tempo GL 2.3 Liter 4 cylinder 3spd

Greatest car alive

240 words


Take the Bus, or Stay Home

198 words

Tempo LX 2.3 HSC

A good-looking car, highly unappreciated, but that keeps 'em affordable, so I can buy more!!

250 words, 4 comments

Tempo L 2.3

179 words

Tempo L 2.3L

Drive it until it dies

164 words

Tempo L 2.3L HSC

The best of the best

177 words

Tempo LX All Wheel Drive 2.3

An auto-mechanics' dream

194 words, 1 comment

Tempo GL 2.3L 4-cylinder Unleaded

Definition of mediocre

81 words

Tempo GL 2.3L HSC inline 4

Awesome value for the money!

196 words

Tempo LX 2.0

A best buy

52 words

Tempo L 2.3 hsc

The quintessential beater

132 words

Tempo GL 2.3L HSC

An awesome beginner car

157 words

Tempo L 2.3 Fuel injected

Good car if it's in good condition

269 words

Tempo GL 2.3 fuel injected gasoline

Great economical car

124 words

Tempo GL 140ci (2.3L) unleaded

A good buy for a used car, just keep up on the oil etc

145 words

Tempo GLS 2.3 L

A sweet piece of car

47 words

Tempo LS 2.0

I'd rather ride my garden tractor to work

75 words

Tempo GL 2.3 L four cylinder

An inexpensive, easily acquirable, utility automobile

381 words, 1 comment

Tempo GL 2.3

A great car for a small budget

32 words, 1 comment

Tempo GL

Should be illegal to sell this piece of garbage!

146 words, 16 comments

Tempo L

Piece of garbage on wheels

67 words, 2 comments

Tempo GL 2.3

Great first car

85 words, 2 comments

Tempo GL 2.8

Great buy for a first car

119 words, 1 comment

Tempo GL 4 cylinder

Low to low-middle range beater, and nothing more!

76 words

Tempo GL 2.3L

Great car at a great price

31 words

Tempo GL 2.3L four

Economical bargain

65 words, 1 comment

Tempo GL

65 words