1994 Geo Prizm LSI 1.6


Solid car that will run for years and years


Replaced starter.

Front tires wear out the sides faster than the middle, but with 227k miles, who can blame it?

Exhaust manifold is cracked, will need to replace it.

General Comments:

Super gas mileage.


Interior is nice for this type of car.

This was owned by a friend of mine for many years, and I just bought it from him with very high miles. It seems to show no real issues that would prevent me from running it another 50-100k miles.

Not fast, but peppy enough to get around.

Overdrive is nice, it keeps the revs down to about 2k at 65mph.

Easy to park and maneuver,

Pretty comforatble ride for a small car.

I think I got a heck of a bargain.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2005

1994 Geo Prizm LSI 1.6L


Nice car


Small fender bender bent the fenders and the hood. front bumper was replaced for very cheap. in fact it took a small 1 hr trip to the junk yard, 40 dollars, and about 10 screws. I replaced the entire bumper system: including front bumper, fiberglass protection with the Styrofoam piece.

Driver seat is a little bit loose in terms of back movement, i.e. when you brake, it joins your back. this is a result of previous owner being overweight.

Front headlights get misaligned easily because the way they are held to the frame allows for no vibrations at all.

Paint on exterior wears off if you don't clear the snow or dirt that accumulates on the car.

3 count them, 3 Door handles had to be replaced: thank god for the junk yard (5 dollars each).

Alternator died out at 97000 miles.

Sucks in oil to the motor here and there (not too serious).

Front healdights are not too powerful, kinda tough at night.

Brakes can be very tight and easy to slide with this car.

Springs are worn out by now and the front axle is loose.

Interior lights burn out here and there for the gadgets, front panel, headlight in the main cabin, the drive shifter light.

Again, all those are quick fixes and very cheap.

Seatbelt needed replacing. took some time to learn the trade, but once you get it once, you know how to do it.

Gets rusty in hard to reach places.

General Comments:



It taught me much about cars.

If you need a super reliable car, get the manual GEO prizm.

This is a car to give to your teen or even to yourself if you want a very cheap resale.

Goes up to 250 000 miles if well maintained.

About 30 mpg if driven in a good manner.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2005

1994 Geo Prizm 1.6


My second Prizm - great car for little money


I purchased this car at 85,000 miles for $1200.

Passenger side rocker panel rotted out -replaced at 85,000 miles.

Replaced all four rims with Corolla wheels at 85,000 miles.

Replaced four mats ($95 aftermarket)

Above are result of previous owner driving in New York - lots of road salt and potholes.

General Comments:

Six months ago, I bought a 1994 Prizm for my fiancee. I was so impressed with it, I bought one for myself.

My fiancee's Prizm has the 3 speed automatic transmission and is a bit of a slug. A manual transmission changes that - my Prizm revs easily and has more than enough power for everyday driving.

Ride is generally smooth and stable; handling is very responsive.

The interior is fairly basic. Materials are generally nice, although some parts (like window cranks) feel cheap. Seat and dash materials have excellent durability. Cabin is roomy and comfortably carries four adults.

Overall fit and finish are very good - even at 11 years old, this car looks great. Styling looks clean and uncluttered - to me, it resembles a smaller Camry.

Excellent availability of parts through Chevy dealers - I am amazed at how many parts the dealer can still get.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2005

19th Jun 2007, 23:29

Bought this car two years ago and thought time for an update. Car now has 97,500 miles (12,500 miles in 2 years). Replaced rear tires at 87,800 miles; replaced timing and alternator belts, 89,400 miles; repaired passenger door release, 90,300 miles; and replaced oxygen sensor, 95,700 miles. Of course, also changed oil and filter, spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor, wiper blades, and air filter -basic maintenance. The interior of this car still looks great, and the car is still a joy to drive. Gas mileage runs 35-39 mpg. I bought this car on Ebay for a $1,200 - I love my Prizm!

26th Nov 2017, 23:15

I saw a Geo Prizm video on YouTube and the YouTuber said it looked like a Camry. http://www.nytimes.com/1997/10/26/automobiles/behind-wheel-toyota-corolla-chevrolet-prizm-pair-sensible-shoes-for-road.html

And that old NT Times article compares the Prizm and Corolla to a compact Camry.