Storm 2+2 1.6 SOHC

My favorite money pit :D Takes me around the world, and better than a girlfriend

715 words


I love the sporty look of the car

76 words, 2 comments

Storm Gsi 4 Cylinder

I miss my silver 92 Geo Storm Gsi with a passion - regret selling her

118 words, 1 comment

Storm 2+2 1.6L

This is a fun car to own!

130 words

Storm 2+2

Great little beater or first car

97 words


I love it

53 words, 2 comments

Storm 2+2 hatchback 1.6L4

The car is pretty cool, I just wish I bought the GS version with more horsepower

99 words, 1 comment

Storm Base 1.6 4 cylinders

Fast and Reliable for the Money!!

380 words, 3 comments

Storm 2+2 hatchback 1.6

Very reliable and cefinitely worth the little bit they cost

33 words, 2 comments

Storm 1.6

170 words

Storm GSi 1.8 16v DOHC

A beater that will whoop most civics

128 words

Storm GSi 1.8L

Very good and reliable car

88 words, 1 comment

Storm GSi 4 cylnder engine

The best car for the lowest price

56 words

Storm Hatchback 1.6 liter

A nice little sports car that's cheap on gas

87 words

Storm 1.6 liter

209 words

Storm Base 1.8

Gas saver

21 words

Storm 2x2 1.6

A snail

124 words, 1 comment

Storm Hatchback 1.6 liter

A car for a low income, high performance person

74 words

Storm 1.6 Liter 4-cyllinder

An underestimated car with unbelievable speed

278 words, 14 comments

Storm GSi 1.6

Overall I think the car is going to be a good one

97 words

Storm GSi 1.8

A fun reliable form of transportation

35 words

Storm Wagon 1.6 SOHC

A great car for someone who likes to tinker around

113 words

Storm 1.6

More bang than buck with this car

72 words

Storm GSi 1.8 DOHC

Good car for someone with no family

103 words

Storm GSi 1.8 liter

Worst car ever made!

132 words, 2 comments

Storm GSi 1.8L 16v dual over head cam

Faster than realized with upgrades waiting!

180 words, 11 comments

Storm GSi 1.8

A terrible mistake

107 words, 1 comment


A pit to throw money in

88 words

Storm GSi 1.8L

A good, reliable car

89 words

Storm 1.6

Excellent price, cool looking car, cheap to run

49 words

Storm 2 door coupe 1.6 SOHC

A good car to buy if it has low mileage, or you are willing to invest time and money

39 words, 2 comments