1996 Geo Tracker 4-Door LSI 1.6


Not much, nothing major or expensive.

The battery died and was replaced in about 2007.

I think the timing belt was replaced around 70k miles.

The starter had to be replaced in 2008, and the body started to rust before we bought it, so we couldn't prevent it. It was only surface rust, so in 2008 the lower 1/4 of the body of the car was painted with truck bed liner...

General Comments:

I absolutely hate my Geo, but it has been extremely reliable. My parents bought it in 2004 for my step-mom's winter car (she drives a BMW during the summer), it had 63k miles and they paid $3000. Now going on almost 6 years and 45k miles, it's required MAYBE $1000 of repairs or maintenance (including oil changes and basic stuff like that).

It's really slow, it's definitely not a highway car, I have to put it to the floor to pass vehicles or just got 65mph up a hill. I feel bad doing this because the tachometer goes to 6k RPM's and the wind easily blows you around.

Mine gets horrible MPG's, I'm getting around 18MPG if I'm lucky, the winter is even worse.

I have a love hate relationship with this car, this winter was the straw that broke the camels back though. We had some -25*F weather, the first day it started fine, the next day it was dead so I had to start plugging it in over night.

The doors would freeze, I could get in, but then the door wouldn't shut.

The shifter sometimes won't move out of park.

It puffs white smoke when I first start it, and sometimes the remote starter doesn't start the car.

The 4WD system is annoying; luckily I have the automatic wheel hub things, so I don't have to get out to put it in 4WD, but having to stop to put it in sucks because I lose momentum so I get stuck. Then having to back up after taking it out is annoying, because I have to make sure no car is coming, so I just quickly back up and be on my way.

But, even though I have given more cons than pros about this car, it really has been a good car. It won't die! (sometimes I wish it would, but it won't)

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Review Date: 13th July, 2009

1996 Geo Tracker LSI 1.6


It is a fun little car, a great hard worker, and I would buy another one just like it if I could!


The speedometer. I worked up until it got really cold, then it stopped, and the needle (while bounces) remains at the bottom of the gauge.

The "O" Ring at the converter was gone when I bought the car.

The windshield washer works, but does not spray to the upper part of the windshield.

The drivers side window panel, on the rag top comes out of the track.

General Comments:

The Tracker, is fast at turns, is fun to drive, and the 4X4 is extremely easy to use. You can shift from 2 wheel to 4 wheel without any problem.

I have found that the gas mileage is not at the point that I would like it to be, but that is a work in progress, but it starts and runs, idles so quietly that I often wonder if it is still running.

The heater will heat you out into the cold! Transmission shifts quietly also.

I have used the Four wheel drive several times, and in light of the recent snow storm, (14 inches +), it got me to and from work without a hitch.

I have not had it long enough to have the top down, or the A/C running.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2008

1996 Geo Tracker 1.6


Worst car you can buy


Check engine light burnt out when it was bought.

Erg valve replaced.

Expensive Transmission leak, $1200 fix.

Top leaks and its brand new.

Transmission starting to slip.

Starter went out at 100,000 miles and had to be replaced.

A/C hose blew out and was $100 to replace.

Fan switch doesn't always work.

Burns out the interior light every 500 miles or so.

Hoses burst randomly.

Oil leaks.

Locks freeze in the winter.

Stalls out on hot days when in reverse.

Power steering leaks.

General Comments:

This is the most uncomfortable car I've ever been in. The seats have no back support and you can feel every bump in the road. Every time You hit a bump the dash board squeaks.

The top was bought last year and every time it rains hard the seats get wet and it smells like wet dog inside. It can take DAYS to dry.

It has the worst handling. The steering is loose and jittery. There is no acceleration and the gas mileage should be a lot better for the size engine it has. Snow is a night mare. It just slides across the top of the ice, and with no ABS pumping is a must. I've been stuck in numerous driveways in the winter (including mine).

The A/c works sporadically and is hard to keep on. The switch only works well in high and none of the other settings work. And on very hot days if the A/C is on it sometimes stalls out when I put it in reverse.

We bought the car in South Carolina and it had no rust. After 2 Ohio winters and constant washings it has already began to rust.

I will give the heater credit. It will bur you out of the car in the winter.

This car has also never really left me stranded. While it may be junk it will always start (though sometimes it dosnt want to).

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2007

8th Jul 2009, 22:59

Just wondering, do you follow any kind of regular maintenance schedule at all???