1978 Honda Accord CVCC 3dr H/B 1.6




Carburetor was never 100%, stalling issues in cold weather, excessive oil consumption.

General Comments:

Car rode well and got great fuel economy, but the two quarts of oil a week it drank offset fuel savings. The main problems were the poor seals in the engine and the carburetor /cold start issues. This car was maintained properly and not abused. Head gasket went at 110,000 miles requiring a rebuild of engine so I unloaded the car.The reliabilty was so-so but the late 70's seemed to be a bad time for most car makers.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2008

4th Aug 2008, 02:43

I bought my 1978 hatch for 50$ with head gasket issues. I changed it unsuccessfully, then reinstalled it with copper-spray sealant. It took care of the blow-by between the middle cylinders.

I broke 1 of thermostat posts while trying to undo the bolt. The thermostat flange is really wimpy, a brittle alloy. I drilled & tapped deeper into the head and used a flathead machine screw - it held up.

The radiator leaked and the clutch started to go. At that point I dumped it.

On the good side, the dashboard clock worked flawlessly. Also I remember it had wiring issues in the dash, so I had to remove and reinstall that.