1993 Honda Accord reviews from North America

Accord EX 4 cylinder

300,000 miles and still running strong!

62 words

Accord EX 2.2L 4 Cylinder

Simply the best

141 words

Accord EX 2.2 Liter 4 cylinder

A dependable and enjoyable car

488 words

Accord EX

Cheap, Quick, Fun

Accord EX 2.2

Overall good car in looks, performance, and reliability

123 words

Accord EX Wagon 2.0

Excellent and reliable car

93 words

Accord EX 4 cylinder

If ya find one, buy it!

161 words


Accord LX Anniversary Edition 4 cylinder

The middle class lexus!! Great vehicle

83 words

Accord SE F22A6 2.2 PGM-FI

Probably the best car I will own

438 words, 1 comment

Accord EX 2.2L 4 cylinder SOHC

Low cost, high value, much fun

242 words

Accord EX 2.2

A wonderful car

125 words

Accord EX 2.2L F22A6

A reliable grocery go-getter

387 words

Accord 10th Anniversary Edition 2.2L 4 cylinder

I wouldn't think twice about buying this car again

190 words, 14 comments

Accord LX standard

Still great after 243,000 miles

163 words

Accord LX 2.2

One solid reliable car, built to last

269 words

Accord LX 2.2 Liter 16v 4 Cylinder

Great bargain, and starter car

132 words

Accord LX 2.2 liter 4-cylinder

Take care of it and drive it forever

271 words, 2 comments

Accord LX 2.2

Amazing piece of equipment!

61 words

Accord EX Coupe 2.2

Excellent and worth the money spent

84 words, 1 comment

Accord EX 2.2

Still going strong after all these miles

246 words

Accord EX 2.2

Sharp and reliable

254 words

Accord LX 2.2

A perfect car for anyone who takes care of it!

640 words

Accord LX 2.2 f22a6

Best car I have ever owned.

51 words

Accord LX

Good Car if Pampered

Accord LX

Good car for most day to day driving if it is in perfect condition

Accord LX 2.2

Excellent performance and value

69 words, 1 comment

Accord EX 2.2 VTEC

Medium performance bargain

47 words

Accord EX 2.2L

A highly reliable and great commuter bargain

377 words, 1 comment

Accord LX 2.2

A reliable cruiser

134 words

Accord LX 2.2 liter

Best car I have ever owned

260 words

Accord EX 4 cylinder.

A BMW for the middle classes

119 words, 1 comment

Accord LX 4 cylinder

Accords for life!

23 words

Accord SE 2.2L

Take care of it and it will last forever

114 words

Accord EX 2.2L

A great all around car

152 words

Accord SE 2.2

Will earn high miles

74 words

Accord LX 4 cylinder

Inferior Japanese junk- never again!!!

181 words, 13 comments

Accord LX 2.2 gasoline

An awesome reliable everyday car!

100 words

Accord LX Sedan 2.2L I4

A car that will last forever

550 words, 8 comments

Accord EX

Accord EX F22A6 2.2 140 HP

After 120,000 miles, still a great car!

215 words, 1 comment

Accord LX 2.2 liter 16v SOHC

A great car

66 words

Accord EX V6

65 words