2003 Honda City LX 1.7


The car healed with the time


In the first 6 months:

The front shocks absorber have been changed 2 times because of leaking.

A lot of rattles from the roof. It have been completely re-pad and my car stayed at the dealer for 3 days.

Rattles from the dash: the blower fan have been replaced.

Noise from the automatic trans-axle at the second gear. It happened 3 times and stop by itself.

General Comments:

I was very disappointed in the first 6 months and I had a lot of regrets that I changed my previous car which was a civic SE 2000. In 3 years, I had no problem at all with that car.

But, after more than 37,000 of kilometers with my civic 2003 and all my previous problems fixed, I must say that I like this car.

It's comfortable, economic, fun to drive and I finally feel save with it.

Thanks to the dealer and the technicians who have been very comprehensive and always listening my complaints. The dealer also gave me 75.00$ for compensation.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2004

24th Apr 2006, 09:43

I'm back to follow up on my first review. I own my car for 3 years now with 73,000 km. The trunk has to be repainted last year because of rust and that's all. I make every recommended maintenance (about each 8,000 km) and my car is like a brand new one.

Al tough the fact I like my car, I expect to change it for a 2006 civic coupe in the fall. I had a test drive with this new one and I was very delighted.

I'll come back again later in fall to give you some news about it.