2001 Honda Insight with A/C 1.0L


Ahead of its time, for a generation behind its time


Not much.

Brake line rotted out after 17 years and 425000 km of Canadian weather.

Still has the original clutch and rear drums.

General Comments:

Excellent design. Aluminum uni body that is hand welded. Built in Japan. Panasonic made the 144 volt battery.

How little cars should be made.

Super cheap to run.

Overall pleased, but parts are extremely hard to find/order. Honda doesn't sell front shocks anymore and spark plugs are 90 dollars each!

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Review Date: 27th August, 2017

2010 Honda Insight EX


It does everything well


Nothing has gone wrong with the car, but it is brand new, so I really don't expect anything to go wrong.

General Comments:

I bought the car for the gas mileage, and so far it is either at the miles per gallon listed on the sticker or better. The first tank was around 40 mpg. Since I started paying attention to my driving, I have been averaging about 45 mpg on my drive to work. I also increased the tire pressure to 35 psi. This is supposed to help the MPG.

I like the styling of the car, the seats feel good. It is a little noisy on the highway. Maybe just the highway or the tires.

It is a very light car, and you can feel the wind moving the car.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2011

13th Feb 2011, 14:43

Why didn't Honda do something original with the styling of this car? It looks so much like a Prius that I'm surprised Toyota doesn't sue. I thought Honda was known for well designed cars, but they're getting uglier.

18th Feb 2011, 11:37

I like the styling of the new Insight much better than the new Prius. I have owned both of them.

And one other comment, the gas mileage on my drive to work has gone up to 48-50 MPG.

2000 Honda Insight


The Insight is a great eco-friendly car


I have had no problems with this auto. It is trouble free.

General Comments:

As the price of gas goes up, my mileage gets better because it takes a little bit of effort to reliable get over 60 mpg. when the gas got to over $2.50 (SF Bay area) my mileage improved to 68 mpg for the last tank. My driving is 75-25 city-highway. A little care to not press hard on the gas pedal has beneficial effects on efficiency. The instantaneous fuel efficiency gage along with the easy to reset trip meter makes it easy to keep track of my current driving habits and how well I'm doing for milage.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2005

30th Apr 2006, 17:02

Honda Insights save the environment. I'd like to have one, but they're a bit too expensive.

1st May 2006, 09:09

Actually, they are quite cheap as used cars.

The model is a failure since people want four seats like the Prius.

I have seen $20K+ plus Insights for sale for $15K a year later.

Nothing wrong with the car, just marketplace whims.

2000 Honda Insight 1.0 liter 3 cylinder


The car of the future!


Nothing except for check engine light that turned out to be faulty oxygen sensor on one occasion and loose gas cap on another.

Auto stop is neat, but if clutch is not pushed down hard, it won't start when put back in gear.

Poor visibility out rear window. Be careful backing up!

General Comments:

This is the perfect little commuting car for anyone who wants to be a part of the solution to fuel consumption and pollution. At 70 or 75 mph on the highway, the fuel consumption indicator sits at 75 miles per gallon! Overall, it gets 56 to 66 miles per gallon depending on how I drive.

In many juristictions, it is allowed in HOV lanes even with only one person in it.

I recently had a car pull out in front of me and I hit him at about 30 mph. The car doesn't look nearly as damaged as I would expect. Just scuffs, a slightly buckled hood and broken lights! This is a tough little car!

Its also very peppy and comfortable, can park in 3/4 of a space and is fun to drive!

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Review Date: 21st October, 2003