1995 Honda Odyssey EX 2.2


A 300,000 mile car should be the norm and this is it!


Major maintenance: oil pan gasket, power steering gaskets, new radiator and sporadic throttle body cleaning.

Minor annoyances: front stabilizer bars bang through the rubber cushions when going over bumps (replace rubber every 100K miles), oil changes every 3K miles and kids always have the car (have to drive BMW :-0)

General Comments:

I am a car nut! I have owned a Porsche 911, BMW 325i and Lexus LS400, but this soccer van is easily the best car I've ever owned.


The engineering in this vehicle is very impressive. From engine to transmission to body to interior - everything is built for durability.

I can't believe the engine, it just goes on for ever. We took it across country when it had 180,000 miles on the odo. The car cruised at 80 MPH for most of the trip and never complained.

Like other posts, my children (now 19 and 22) want the van. My son, now graduated from college likes the car because it easily holds mountain and BMX bikes.

IMO, I own the reason GM and Chrysler are bankrupt. The early Honda Odyssey is the benchmark.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2009

1995 Honda Odyssey EX




This is just the finest Honda ever made. When Honda made this first generation to capture the US market - perhaps they made it better - we've had very little repairs besides the 3K oil/filter Honda's love to have done.

The interior cleans up great, and it looks nearly new, though we had twin babies the day we bought it, and 6 kids now.

However the tape deck and stereo are just trashy, and really they were that way from the start, though this was the top line most loaded model.

At 95K it needed a new timing belt.

At 198000 it needed a new engine because the psi was at 121, and the gaskets were bad.

At 238000 it's beginning to need a new transmission. It gave a funny little pop for the first time, so yes we're going to put in a new tranny.

NEVER has the engine light gone on.

Made in Japan.

General Comments:

Reliable, economical (with a new engine, 39mpg freeways in Seattle) 25mpg streets stop and go, which is about 356-409 miles per 13 gallon tank of 87 grade gas!

Air and heat work great.

Someone tried to break in and damaged the door molding.

Our twins say it's going to college with them (we replaced the glass with nearly limo glass when we were stationed in Arizona)

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Review Date: 21st February, 2009

1995 Honda Odyssey EX 2.2L


Awesome, dependable, and practical value vehicle


ABS system malfunction - have not paid to have it tested.

Plastic cup-holders broke.

Remote entry stopped working.

Replaced the front axle and exhaust system at 165K.

Rear and front door hinges subject to wear, tear and rust - must keep lubed.

General Comments:

My second 95 EX, had 200K on the first when it was nearly totaled by a pizza guy who plowed into me. Insurance value was still high enough to allow me to pay cash for a used 95 EX with 80K on it.

I know have 220K on my second EX Van, original shocks and struts, and on the third timing belt and water pump.

While I originally complained about the lack of tourque in these models (especially for climbing hills in ski country) I have come to respect and love the comfort, reliability, and smooth ride this van provides as my daily commuter for 110 round trip miles.

Consistently gets 24-26 mpg highway.

I often take my middle seats out (easy), fold down the third row magic seat, and use the van has a truck. I have moved so much stuff - the car is incredibly practical.

The paint finish has not dulled and I have very little rust.

If gas was more reasonable I would purchase a third one! and I expect to reach 275-300K with this one - drives smoothly - even if it is burning oil at it's advanced miles. I could drive this to Florida from MA tomorrow.

Future Perfect - Honda should bring back this model as a diesel turbo hybrid in 2010!!!

Highly recommend this car as a used car even with high miles. Just change the timing belt and water pump every 90K, lube the door hinges, use a 20/50 oil blend when weather allows, and keep it waxed!

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Review Date: 4th June, 2008