1996 Hyundai Elantra GL Wagon 1.8


Best car value I've ever had; quite a contrast to the Tempo!


I had a sensor (top head sensor I think) fail in the third winter causing the 'check engine' light to flash and run on three cylinders. First time in, the dealer found and fixed the problem in two hours.

At 160,000 km, had a tiny crack in the manifold and a bent linkage in the rear, probably due to rough road conditions and pot holes you could lose your car into.

At about 100,000 km, the black trim around the windows and on the wiper arms peeled, probably due to the excessive road salt used here. No rust yet though.

General Comments:

Exceptional space found in the wagon model. I could put large objects in the rear with no problem. Four golfers, clubs and pull carts fit in the wagon. This was tested on numerous occasions.

Lots of long four to five hour drives at brisk 120 km/h speeds up and down hills. I should have got the upgrade on the seats though.

Reliable! Someone is going to get a fine working 6 year old car next week. I'm trading it in on a new GT! Never was towed and always started even at -40C without a block heater.

Was chiselled out of a block of ice up to the axles during ice storm and had a load of gravel dumped on it at 100km/h from a dump truck.

The dealer was incredible. Best dealer I have ever dealt with even though I bought the car in another city right before I moved. Downtown shuttle service, next day parts if needed. Mailed reminders for service.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2001

1996 Hyundai Elantra 1.8 Base Engine


Great little commuter car


1. Windshield wiper motor siezed - repaired under warranty.

2. Check engine light came on within the first 2 days - repaired crushed fuel vent line under warranty.

3. Car experiencing loss of power at highway speeds - repaired under warranty.

4. Number 3 recurred after the warranty expired - repaired under warranty (no further problems).

General Comments:

Very nice little car to drive. My wife and I log a lot of miles on the car as it is a 1 hour one-way drive to work.

Spacious interior and storage areas. Lots of standard options for the price range.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2000