2001 Hyundai Elantra


Good engine, crappy everything else


Needed both wheel bearings replaced.

Radiator died (expensive fix).

Car quivered and shook when I went above 70km/h (something wrong in the axles).

Clock ran fast, not sure why, but had to change it every couple days.

A couple other small things.

General Comments:

This car was awful. The sound system was good, and the pick up speed was good. If it hadn't been for the almost $3000 I spent fixing it in the two years I owned it, I would have loved it. It had a good little engine, and picked up speed fairly well. Maybe I had a lemon? Or maybe it was time for the car to die.

I sold it because it quivered on the highway, and I do a lot of highway driving, so I brought it in, asked if it would be over $500 to fix, the guy laughed at me and said yes. Well over.

He suggested I get a new car. When I would bring it in for an oil change, they would laugh at my car (though it looked decent on the outside, minimal rust) and suggest I get a new one before my car fell apart.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2012

4th Aug 2012, 08:55

Please read your Consumer Reports Annual Auto Issue that comes out every year in April. It has a lot of great used cars starting out at less than $4,000.00. Unfortunately an early Hyundai Elantra is not one of them.

Do your homework before you buy your next vehicle. Also take it to a mechanic to check for any prior damage or expensive components that are starting to fail. The days of taking guesses on used cars are over... with the economy in turmoil... lemons and abused cars are being sold left and right.

4th Aug 2012, 13:02

My good friend has the exact same car. Decent car, but what you said was right on. His engine is still running perfect at 240000 kms, which is great, and the original automatic transmission too. The car gets good gas mileage too.

However the low points are the front end, wheel bearings, steering mechanism, suspension, etc.

This car is driven on the west coast where there is no rust, and my friend still spends an average of $2000/year on front end parts, suspension, CV joints, etc.

I have driven this car, and it is impossible to get it aligned properly.

Great car engine and drive train wise, but as his mechanic said, very cheap steering/front end parts that require expensive and frequent maintenance.

2001 Hyundai Elantra VE 2.0 petrol


Best $3000 ever



General Comments:

I bought the car used for $3000 at a local used car dealer, and it has been utterly reliable.

The Elantra commutes daily along the heavily congested 401 corridor in eastern Toronto, and never misses a beat, regardless of weather conditions.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2011

2001 Hyundai Elantra GLS 2.0 litre DOHC


Best car I have ever owned


The transmission speed sensor failed at about 110000 miles.

General Comments:

This was the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

I got great gas mileage, 24 city/34 highway, all through the ten years I owned the car.

The car rode very well for its size, and was fairly quiet.

For the price, the car was well equipped. Automatic, air, cruise control, power windows and door locks with remote keyless entry, CD player and comfortable cloth seats. All this for $16,000.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2011

2001 Hyundai Elantra GLS 2.0 petrol


Unsafe S**t Box


I have replaced the power steering pump, and front struts, both around 90000.

The car handles like a 67 Buick; when you go over a bump, the rear struts bounce about 3 or 4 times.

The safety rating is atrocious. Look it up on the IIHS's website. If I can stop someone from buying this car, I feel like I'm doing a community service. It's a death trap.

General Comments:

Handles poorly.

Seats get very uncomfortable on long drives.

Poorly built.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2010

10th Jan 2011, 05:21

I agree with you the built quality just isn't there and Hyundai customer service sucks.

Mine has been in the shop so many times I quit keeping track about a year ago. This car was a waste of money. Everything breaks from the radiator to the transmission, and Hyundai always tries to get out of honoring their warranties.

I never will buy a Hyundai ever again and this car lacks in any kind of speed at all. It runs around 3,400 RPM at only 65 MPH.

Don't buy Hyundai EVER, buy a GM vehicle or a Toyota.