Excel Base 1.5L

Good cheap first car, but after a while, you'll want to upgrade

182 words


Glad I moved up to a Lexus, but if I had to get a cheap car again I'd be looking for one of these..

492 words

Excel GL Sport 1.5L

Good basic transportation

330 words

Excel GL 1.5

This car is a disgrace, it doesn't belong on the road

382 words, 5 comments

Excel GLS

Never Again!

159 words, 1 comment

Excel GLS 1.5 four

Unreliable, expensive, good for very cheap, disposable transport

198 words, 5 comments

Excel GL 1.5

Good beginner car

96 words

Excel GLS 1.5 OHC carb

Cheap beater car... you'll love it

204 words, 3 comments