1995 Hyundai Scoupe LS 1.5L




Where to start? I bought my car for $1800. E-tested/certified at the beginning. All was good, then came the bodywork as it needed it; RUSTY SPOTS EVERYWHERE...

The car was badly damaged on the driver's side. Myself and my father fiberglassed the damaged area, and made it look new :)

New gas tank in the 1st year of owning it. Tiniest little pin hole was leaking. And a bumper; some person rear ended me :(

Within the last year I have replaced the fuel pump (original 95 pump), a gas pump thing that puts the gas in the motor from the gas tank, exhaust pipe (original), starter, alternator, shocks, struts and ball joints. I basically have a BRAND new 1995 Hyundai in 2013.

Just this last week my cooling fan stopped working. The car overheated 2 times in 1 day :( Being looked into to get it up and running again.

As for numbers, I don't recall any mileages for any repairs, but all I know is it works, it drives, and that's what matters :)

General Comments:

I love my car. I'm happy to be a DRIVER!

I just got my license 2 years ago, and learned a lot on how to fix and do whatever to a car that I had no clue how to do before.

I am a girl, and I basically remodeled my car on the outside; fiberglassed rusted spots, sanded, bondo'd, sanded and repainted the car to the colour it originally was (white), just no glossy finish. All done with my own 2 hands. My father supervised my progress :)

I have to say I am glad (more than glad, ecstatic) that I bought the car, and I love my car. The 2013 "PEPSI MOBILE" I call it, as it has a Original Pepsi logo on the hood. My nickname with a logo on either side "PEPSI GIRL" on the upper part of the rear window and PEPSI REP "unofficially of course" on the bumper, and an E-Plate that reads, while the brakes are on "Don't Drink and Drive and if you do Drink Pepsi!!!! M.A.D.D."

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Review Date: 9th August, 2013

10th Aug 2013, 23:22

Is that your 1995 Scoupe on cardomain.com? What's with the Pepsi addiction?

Anyways, I am happy that you enjoy driving, oppose drunk driving, and that you have used your mechanical interests to keep a Scoupe on the road. There aren't many left of these neat little cars.

1995 Hyundai Scoupe 86,000 1.5


I love my car!


Nothing yet, that's a good thing.

General Comments:

It's a real good running car and has a lot of get up and go. get a performance exhaust and intake like I have. the car was fast before, but it flys now.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2005

15th Aug 2005, 10:16

Take good care of it and it won't fail you. My sister has a '93 Scoupe with 130,000 miles on it and it's been badly abused which has caused everything cosmetic to fall apart, yet mechanically it's held up well and still runs reliably. You can't kill these cars.

1995 Hyundai Scoupe 1.7 non-turbo


Surprisingly reliable... the one model Hyundai got right!


Not much has gone wrong to be honest... the transmission has always been weak. But, I've been driving it like that for 17,000 miles and it's not really noticeable until you hit speeds over 75MPH. I am actually having my first repair on the car done tomorrow... a new starter... $180. But, for a car with 147,000 miles on it, I can't complain. The only other things I've had done to the car are: new tires, new battery, and oil changes... regular maintenance. I've never had the A/C charged and it is ice-cold... I live in the desert, so this is important.

General Comments:

I purchased this car cheap... about $1000 about a year ago. I've already put 17,000 miles on the car. I was VERY reluctant to by anything with a "HYUNDAI" logo on it. But, I must admit, that the car has been very reliable and comfortable. I think that this is the only model Hyundai put out in pre-year-2000 that is reliable... I've heard that their other models (Hyundai Accent, Hyundai Excel) are real lemons. But, this model... the SCOUPE... is surprisingly good.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2003

10th Aug 2005, 22:11

That's awesome and yes I have one and agree, succas.