1988 Isuzu I-Mark XS Non turbo


The Most Reliable car I have ever seen


I have owned 3 1988 Isuzu I-Marks, if that tells you how much I love them. The first one's timing belt snapped and I lost it, the second one the head gasket blew, and now I have another.

General Comments:

These cars have proved reliable for many years to me and my family, I would suggest anyone who wants a nice, reliable car tat is cheap and easy to maintain to get one and I'm sure you'll love them as much as I do.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2002

3rd Jun 2003, 08:22

Has this car really gone that many miles, 900,000?

1986 Isuzu I-Mark S 1.7


Very sporty yet rather fuel efficient


So far only minor things like a tire. this car is VERY reliable. in the 15 years it has been running no major repairs have EVER been done to it!! My grandmother had it before me and she had no problems at all. I hope I don't!

General Comments:

This car is very sporty yet fuel efficient! this car belonged to my grandmother for 15 years and now it is my first car. I have loved it since I was little and my grandma had it! I remember her driving me around in it and me just loving it!

This car is a perfect first car because the speed isn't very high, the gas mileage is great, and last, but not least it is sporty! i would recommend this car to any first time buyer.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2002

1989 Isuzu I-Mark RS 1.6L DOHC turbo


Very high performance, low profile


This car has been flawless since I bought it, with only basic maintenance (oil changes, lube's, new tires) it has never had a single problem!

The left indicator relay also isn't working very well, but again that is a minor problem.

I do have to say that the plastic covers on the seat belt clips aren't very good, they break all the time. I just got some from an Acura and put them on the belt, and it looks great.

General Comments:

This car has a Lotus suspension & drivetrain. It takes corners better than any car I have ever driven. It has excellent take off and more than enough power. I love the shifting in it too, it reminds me of a Honda when I shift, that clean easy shift feeling.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2001

1981 Isuzu I-Mark LS Coupe (Gemini) 1.8L


Cheap, reliable transport


Heater core has a small leak.

Drivers side seat rail partially broke (easy to fix).

Thermostatic fan clutch failed, another expensive part.

Water pump was wrecked when the fan clutch failed, not too expensive.

Front brake caliper seized and had to be replaced.

Carburettor is worn and I had to add a spring to the throttle linkage so the car would idle at the right RPMs.

General Comments:

This car is pretty low-tech (mid-1970s technology), but it is tough, can really absorb a lot of abuse, and is amazingly reliable considering its age. During the time I've had it, I've really had to put very little money into fixing it.

Small, not very comfortable or luxurious, but great transportation.

These rear-drive I-Marks are not very common in the U.S., but they're excellent cars.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2001

17th Oct 2006, 16:51

These cars were basically the same as the earlier ('75-79) Buick Opels, and very similar to the Chevette; most Isuzus gave you this, a rare car with common GM mechanical parts.

1989 Isuzu I-Mark RS 1.6 DOHC


Almost too much fun


Rear shocks replaced several times.

Had some fit and finish issues when new, a hassle working with the dealer.

All other problems related to accident damage.

General Comments:

I have loved this car from the first test drive. I was a full time college student and was able to buy a brand new car. Everyone wanted to know what it was. And now, 11 years later, it still gets many looks and questions.

My car is the 4-door in Phantom Gray Metallic. It does not attract the attention of the highway patrol, which was a very good thing for a male in his early 20's (when I bought it).

It was my daily driver for the first 3 years I owned it and performed flawlessly except for in snow (too much power and too little weight). I bought a Grand Cherokee and the I-Mark became my fun summer car. I have now started using it as a commuter car.

Still as infatuated as the day I bought it.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2000