Rodeo 3.1 V6

144 words

Rodeo LS 3.1

You get more than what you pay for

63 words

Rodeo LS

I love my '92 rodeo!!

116 words

Rodeo LX 3.1 V6

Mechanical nightmare with a faded roof

285 words

Rodeo XS V6

I'll hang onto to this sweet rodeo until the wheels fall off!

186 words, 1 comment

Rodeo LS V6

Great vehicle, poor paint!

116 words, 3 comments

Rodeo LX 3.1L V-6

A high performance off-road machine

43 words

Rodeo LS 6 cylinder

Barrel roll

199 words, 2 comments

Rodeo LS 3.1 V6

Great car for the price

278 words

Rodeo XS 3.1 6 cylinder

The best car I've ever had

117 words