Rodeo S 2.6L

I found pure awsome in a car

347 words

Rodeo V6

Very Reliable vehicle and a great bargan for the purchase price

124 words

Rodeo 2.6L SOHC

This car is very reliable

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Rodeo LS 3.2 V6

You have to learn about car maintenance before you can talk about them

90 words, 2 comments

Rodeo 3.2 Mitsubishi V6

Best all around SUV I have ever owned

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I love this little car and plan to have it for a long time

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Rodeo LS 3.2L

Excellent product, but is expensive to up-keep

127 words


Best SUV for the money!

90 words

Rodeo LS 3.2 V6

Very satisfied with the overall performance

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