Trooper II 2.6 4ZE1 gas

My favorite truck ever

84 words

Trooper LS 2.6L 4 cylinder

One of the best cars ever built at the time

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Trooper 2.6

I love my Trooper and its look

45 words

Trooper II 2.6 EFI

Best toy I've had ever!!!

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Trooper S 2.6 Liter I-Tech MPFI

Great truck, but has flaws

57 words


This car is good for a few months, but its performance goes down as it's driven 2-3 times daily

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Trooper 4.7 Itec

Super heavy duty little truck

158 words

Trooper 2.6 L4 I-TECH

One tough vehicle that can go the distance!

48 words


It may not be dependable, but it's a very fun car to drive

49 words

Trooper LS 2.6L 4 cylinder

A great car, but not without it's flaws

84 words

Trooper II 2.6 Gas

I like this machine!

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Trooper LS 2.6

Tough, durable, if a little maintenance intensive

85 words

Trooper II 2.6


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Trooper LX 2.6 4 cylinder

For $900 it's a 4x4 Bargain that makes the family feel like the Wild Thornburry's

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Trooper 2.6L 4 cylinder

2.6 L 4 cylinder engine is unreliable!

247 words, 17 comments

Trooper II 4x4 2.6

2.6 liter, 4-cylinder, will blow out on you. Beware!

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