Trooper LS 3.2 DOHC

This machine is a blessing!!

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Trooper S (base) 3.2 liter SOHC

Very reliable tough roomy vehicle

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Trooper LS 3.2L DOHC

Excellent Quality

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Trooper LS 3.2DOHC

This truck could replace the Energizer bunny, it keeps going and going and going..

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Trooper S 3.2 V6 SOHC

If you can afford to keep it going (time or money), it's worth every penny (or second)

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Trooper S 3.2L

It is slow and weak, but very capable and as far as reliability, it can't be beat!!

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Trooper V6 gas

Probably OK for 4wd only... but stay away from high mile examples

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Trooper gas

I love the vehicle!

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Trooper LS 3.2 DOHC

This Trooper go father!

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