X-Type 3.0

The X-Type is among the most reliable vehicles on the road

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X-Type 3.0

Was fortunate to replace this car with a 2006 X Type 3.0 British Racing Green again!!!

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X-Type Luxury 3.0L

Stylish, but be prepared to pay..

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X-Type 2.5

Love the car, but now concerned...

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X-Type AWD 3.0

Great ride, quiet interior, great service

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X-Type 3.0 3.0 V6

The verdict is, we'll be buying another 3 instead (if I have my way) next time

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X-Type 3.0 V6

Take a pass on the BMW 300 Series for a REAL car

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X-Type 3.0 3.0 V6

Perfect balance of luxury and performance

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