2005 Jaguar X-Type 3.0L gasoline


Was nice to drive, but not sorry that it has gone


All 4 wheel bearings - one twice.

Wheel nut removal - had to cut one stud right off.

Small rust spots - typical Ford problem.

Numerous headlamp bulb failures.

Short tire life.

Serpentine belt broke.

General Comments:

Nice car to drive with lots of "get up and go".

Compact interior, adequate but not roomy.

Disappointed in repeated wheel bearing failures.

Stranded on the highway with a broken belt.

Good in winter, never stuck in snow, only on sheer ice once.

I have had 3 Jaguars; this one, a Sovereign, and an XJR. All different cars, but one feels nervous as they all had problems. Still have the Sovereign, which needs a fuel pump.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2013

5th Jul 2013, 12:00

Isn't that pretty much just wear and tear? With that many miles, you should expect some things to come up here and there.

2005 Jaguar X-Type 3.0L V6




Issues with a serious propshaft whine & wobble - unknown possible transmission failure - still waiting to take it to the dealership until a complete tranny flush can be done.

Tires have been balanced and aligned twice in 4 months - the smallest bump in the road may cause the steering to jump outta whack.

For the price of the car used, it's a great deal, but beware of headaches and higher-than-normal bills when replacing/repairing it.

General Comments:

With all its faults - it's still a solid car with eye catching appeal - it stands out against the drab backdrop of other executive sedans such as Audi's & BMW's.

Gas consumption could be improved, but is normal for an AWD platform - the 3.0L engine delivers excellent power when needed, but the kitty purrs even at lower speeds - if only Jaguar could fix some of their reliability issues, this would be an amazing car.

For the price you pay used, and what people think you paid for it - it is worth it. It's a Jaguar after all.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2009

22nd Jun 2012, 22:53

Very tongue-in-cheek review. For a minute, I thought you were being serious!

Pedigree... riiiight. A (very mediocre and tacky) economy sedan with a cat badge for an extra $25,000. But at least from the day of purchase, its resale becomes equivalent to the car on which it is based.

That's the problem when volume manufacturers buy these luxury brands: they think they can slap the badge on a woefully inadequate economy car and call it a luxury car. If someone's personal taste is bad enough to buy this car, then they absolutely deserve the piece of junk they receive. "I couldn't afford a real European luxury car, but then I saw the X-type..." Ahem.

Your facetiousness is appreciated!

30th Jan 2013, 06:56

My X Type 2.5 AWD is a rather nice car. Holds the road well in all weathers, and is quick and responsive.

The manual gearbox is Mondeo based, and is crisp and positive, and in general the car is a pleasure to drive.

2005 Jaguar X-Type sport V6




Nothing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

Awesome to drive, I prefer curves and hills myself now, this jag performs. I like the luxury interior, I feel the quality. I have had no problems and am expecting nothing out of the normal. 2001 - 2002 was a bad year for the X type. Problems galore. Jaguar rebounded and the 2005 has over 1000 new component changes in this car due to Jaguars Quality Initiative. I researched the reviews before the purchase. 2005-2008 X type.

And got the 2005 it is tight, solid and built like a tank. Love driving the car with all the windows all the way down and moon roof open.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2008

2005 Jaguar X-Type Sport 3.0 Litre


A truly practical car that stirs the soul.


Wheel alignment needed doing at 19,000 miles. (Due to improper alignment done previously.)

Front tires needed replacing due to faulty alignment aforementioned.

General Comments:

Do a LOT of driving, and decided, that being the case, I want to drive something fun. (And yet still practical for an outdoorsy, active couple with kids gone, but not off the vine!)

This Jag fills the bill! It is quick, responsive, handles as though on rails, absolutely stable at speed (had it up to 130 mph once - stable as a rock), and is accompanied by the sweetest exhaust note I've ever heard. The car seems almost alive. It is a total blast to drive!

Winter handling, once equipped with proper winter tires, is superb. With all wheel drive, traction control, and dynamic stability control, it is utterly unflappable. Got caught twice in wicked spring blizzards; 4 inches of heavy, wet snow on top of icy slush; and the car didn't even quiver, much less slip, slide or skid. Inspires total confidence.

Gas mileage is averaging 25 mpg combined, with about 80% highway driving. That's usually at least 70 mph and often 80. When I keep it at 60 mph, it gets over 30 mpg, but I just can't seem to do that very often!

Driving comfort is very good; the well bolstered sport seats are very comfortable, and the climate control system is excellent (although on Auto, it cranks up too boisterously, and I have to turn it down so I can hear to shift! Once it achieves your set temp., it operates unobtrusively.) I'm over 6 feet tall, and have no trouble behind the wheel, with plenty of headroom, even with the sunroof. Back seats are good for two, but cramped with three adults; my three girls wouldn't want to go on a long ski with bulky clothes on, they say! With it's Sport suspension and 18" low profile tires, the ride is certainly not plush, but it is far from harsh; more reassuringly firm. It pounds a bit only on bad cracks in asphalt. Bottom line - my wife enjoys the ride.

On reliability and dealer service, my only complaint thus far was as a result of a dealer mistake. Another dealer fixed the alignment at no cost to me without quibble. My only disappointment was that Jaguar Canada would not consider reimbursing me for the front tires that were scrubbed off before the problem was recognized. After over 9,000 miles of driving, no problems at all. Still enjoying it immensely.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2007