XJ40 3.6

The BEST value in a pre-owned car!

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XJ40 3.6 DOHC I6

It is a terrific value as a pre-owned auto

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XJ40 XJ6 3.6L

One classy automobile that performs!

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XJ40 XJ6 3.6L

Very Nice Brit of Class

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XJ40 XJ 6 3.6 liter

Reliable, stylish gentleman -- easy on the budget, a dream to drive

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XJ40 Vanden Plas 3.6 six cylinder.

I love my 1988 XJ40

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XJ40 XJ6 V6

I feel like a prince on the road when I drive my Jaguar

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XJ40 3.6L

More than worth the money

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XJ40 Sovereign 3.6 F.I. gasoline

A very classy, high-quality car

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A smooth and comfortable car at a fair price

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