2004 Jaguar XJ8 4.2 litre


This Jaguar XJ8 is superb in every way


Under warranty my dealer replaced a front air spring unit which was noisy.

General Comments:

This Jaguar XJ8 saloon is frighteningly fast! Everything about it is first class: the fit, finish, the wood, leather, the comfort, ride, handling, POWER, smoothness, silence, quality of materials.

I have owned many Jaguars (as well as BMW and Mercedes) and this is the best of all. The car has that timeless elegance that makes every Jaguar instantly recognisable and always desirable.

The quality surpasses that of its rivals in every way. The technology packed into this Jaguar is astounding, but it is extremely driver-friendly and intuitive. Now, if only Jaguar did some advertising...

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Review Date: 21st February, 2008

5th Nov 2008, 21:06

I own a 2004 XJ8. It has a rattle coming from the front end. Tell me about the front air spring unit causing the rattle. Please I need help. Thank you.

14th Aug 2009, 11:19

I have had my 2004 XJ8 for 18 months, it is just a marvelous car, only one unexpected expense so far, a line running to the transmission cooler had a small leak, apparently a problem with our winter cold, cost to replace $800.00 CDN. It gets great gas mileage. 9.4 litres per 100km according to the on-board computer, with a lot of stop and go driving and not as much highway driving as I would like. I can't help smiling at it almost every time I see it and just about every single person who has seen it loves it. It is quiet and comfortable, but with incredible power whenever I want it, plus it takes the corners like a smaller sports car. It is an incredible used car deal, I almost feel guilty about it!

27th Apr 2010, 17:39

Had the car in to; replace the fan for the heating/ air con system; fix the radio, just needed a wire replaced which had corroded; and the motor replaced for the fuel filler door.

The Jag dealer got the first two right, but only installed the remote motor without getting it to work. Total cost $1500.00, not bad for a Jag, although those items going wrong were a surprise on a car with under 55,000 km.

It is a beauty though and I don't drive it in the bad winter weather, just on the dry, snow free days.

It is a pain being so far from a dealer, I still haven't taken it in to get the remote motor properly done, and I wasn't overly impressed with the dealer.

25th Dec 2010, 19:43

My Jag broke down monthly and was finally scrapped for $0.00... buy a Honda --- better value, and it runs when you turn the key!!!

28th May 2017, 00:12

That is comical to read about a V8 getting 9l/100km (25 US MPG) in a lot of stop and go traffic. Credibility goes instantly to zero right there.