XJS H.E. 5.3 V12

It won't be sold, it will be bequeathed... again

354 words

XJS 5.3L V12

Awesome project car if you're looking for something unusual

133 words

XJS 5.3L V12

A highly addictive mixed bag that will become your only hobby

298 words


A fast, sexy, beautiful nightmare

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XJS 2dr.coupe 5.3L V12

A sleek, slinky, classy, sexy, hedonistic, attention grabbing, sensory overloading, high speed machi

213 words, 2 comments

XJS 5.7 V12

Was a pain, but is now reliable

487 words, 7 comments

XJS 5.3 litre

A standard of luxury and performance no other car company could even come close to

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