1993 Jaguar XJS 4.0


This is the classic GT at home - at the country club or in the mountains


Driver's side leather showing wear.

Heater blower on the passenger side quit.

Replaced front shock bushings at minor expense.

Loose clamp on the power steering pump began leaking - required tightening to remedy (no charge from mechanic).

General Comments:

This car turns more heads than any vehicle I have owned. It has classic lines that make this the quintessential GT. Smooth responsive handling and country club looks make this a true gentlemen's chariot.

The inline 4.0 litre is bullet proof, and this vehicle with the top up or down is one of the best kept secrets of truly affordable and enjoyable automotive ownership (Jaguar's history from the 80's is of course not the best).

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Review Date: 16th July, 2006

1993 Jaguar XJS Convertible 4.2


I absolutely love my car


Left upper door hinge spring. Replaced it myself. If it breaks again, it will stay broken.

Seat memory has never worked properly, but I don't change the seat position unless I'm vacuuming.

Heated seats don't work.

Emergency brake quit working. Replaced rear rotors, pads and emergency pads (yes they are separate) and it still only half works. Could be installer error (me again.) I'm going to try and adjust them again.

Right rear window will not come up if I haven't used the convertible top for a while. I can tap on the motor with a long pry bar and it will start working again. It is easy to get to with the top down.

Electric antenna stopped working, replaced with aftermarket. Easy switch out for $100.00.

General Comments:

There is no comparison between this car and my automatic. The automatic had more top end, but was a slug off of the line. This car with the bigger tires will still burn rubber through third gear.

I removed the 15" wheels and added 17" Dayton wire wheels with 245/45 Michelins. This gives the car a much better stance and it corners better, but I had to trim the rear inner fender lips on the inside of the quarter panel to keep the tires from rubbing. The bigger tires also grab ruts in the road more than before.

I put new Boge shocks all the way around. It handles better, but it did stiffen the ride, as it should.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2005