Cherokee Sport 4.0

A real classic vehicle that was replaced by a vastly inferior model (Jeep Liberty)

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Cherokee Sport 4.0

I'd trade in for another used one, but newer

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Cherokee Country 4.0 V 6

Never leave it!!!

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Cherokee Country

It's a Jeep thing... you wouldn't understand, unless you drive one! :D

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MONEY-PIT comes to mind

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Cherokee Sport 4.0 High Output

The Cherokee embodies Jeep from bumper to bumper

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Cherokee Laredo

Love the car because I keep up with the maintenance and thus far it has afforded me NO CAR PAYMENTS!

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Had some starting issues, but still it was a good car

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Best street and off road car in existence

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Cherokee XJ Country 4.0 HO Strait 6

Takes a beating and keeps on running while still pleasing the owner with its performance

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Cherokee Country I6 hi output

The best automobile ever made

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Cherokee Sport 4.0L

Love my bouncy red Jeep Cherokee!!

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Cherokee Sport 4.0 I6

The most trouble free vehicle I've ever owned

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Cherokee 2.5 liter

Nothing fancy, but mechanically reliable..

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Cherokee Sport 4.0L I6

Dependable, capable and rock-solid

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Cherokee Sport 4.0 I6

I love this thing!

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Cherokee 4.0

Only in a Jeep!!

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Cherokee Country 2WD 4.0L in-line 6 cylinder

It is fun and reliable, so far

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Cherokee Country 4.0 litre

This box rocks

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Cherokee Sport 4.0L Six

Solid and reliable

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Cherokee Sport 4.0 I-6

Solid with some rough edges

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Cherokee Classic 4.0

This jeep is very clean and dependable

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Cherokee Country 4.0 6-cylinder

Solid as a rock!

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Cherokee Country V6

Ultra Dependable

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Cherokee SE 4.0 high output

A super reliable off-roader

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Cherokee 4.0 Liter

I love this vehicle

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Cherokee Sport 4.0 H.O.

Great bargain in looks and performance

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Cherokee Sport 6 cylinder 4.0 litre

The Cherokee is comfy, powerful, and will take you just about anywhere you want to go

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Cherokee country 6 cylinder

A little expensive, but so far it's been worth the money

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A lot of potential, but as yet unrealized

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Cherokee Sport 4.0 HO

A true sport utility that is a great buy for the performance and durability of the car

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Cherokee SE 4.0

136 words

Cherokee Sport 4x4 4.0 six cylinder

Excellent and reliable

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Cherokee Sport 4.0?

I love it

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Cherokee Sport 4DR 4.0L I-6

All around OK car, could be better on the wallet

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