Comanche Pioneer 4.0

Loved it and still miss it

228 words

Comanche Eliminator 4.0 litre i6

Unforgettable ride, always got me there in one piece.

190 words

Comanche Sportruck 2.5 Liter

The Cherokee pickup truck, the Comanche

718 words

Comanche Chief 4.0 I6

The Comanche is a very well build 4x4 truck with above average off road ability and extremely reliab

90 words

Comanche Pioneer 4.0 L6

Very reliable and that's coming from a firefighter who needs a reliable vehicle

138 words, 11 comments

Comanche MJ 6.0

This truck is the best I would never trade it even if my life depended on it!!

108 words, 1 comment

Comanche Sport Truck 4.0 I-6

If you can do work to a vehicle, get it!

165 words, 1 comment

Comanche Pickup 4.0 Liter

I wish I loved my wife as much as my truck

181 words, 1 comment

Comanche Sportruck 4.0 liter six

A fun unique truck

344 words, 5 comments

Comanche pick up 4.0 inline 6 cylinder

124 words

Comanche Pioneer 4.0L High Output Gasoline

Very excellent truck when properly maintained and taking care of with routine maintenance

300 words, 1 comment

Comanche 4.0L Inline 6

This truck is the best, I will never get rid of it

25 words, 1 comment

Comanche Eliminator 4.0 6 cylinder

Solid dependable transportation

117 words

Comanche SportTruck 4x4 4.0L

A great deal, on 4 wheels

78 words, 3 comments

Comanche Pioneer 4.0L I6

Best first rig you could get

253 words, 1 comment

Comanche Pioneer 4.0 straight 6

Lots of power and reliable

96 words, 2 comments

Comanche 2.5L 4 cylinder

Great, dependable long lasting truck that will never let you down

38 words

Comanche Sport Truck 2.5L 4 cylinder


32 words, 4 comments

Comanche Sport Truck 4.0 Inline 6

36 words

Comanche 4.0

They're great

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