2016 Jeep Patriot Sport SE 2.0


It has been a good car so far. My biggest complaint is poor fuel mileage and gas tank is too small


Some noticeable wear on the bottom portion of the cloth on the driver's seat.

The driver's side sun visor will sometimes not stay where you have positioned it.

After starting the car, the seat belt warning light will stay on, even though all passengers are wearing their seat belts. Will drive a mile or so before it turns off.

General Comments:

Rides and handles better than I had expected.

Front seats are very comfortable, back seat is not bad. Good leg room front and rear. Very good all round visibility.

Braking is good, acceleration is adequate.

Good sounding audio system.

Lots of plastic in the interior as to be expected in a vehicle of this price range.

The fuel mileage is less than advertised. This is made more noticeable due to the really small fuel tank. Only carries about 13.5 gallons, so fill ups are quite frequent. They say you can get up to 400 miles range on a full tank, but the best I've gotten is 250 in town and 315 on the highway. Mine is the 2.0 engine with the CVT transmission, which is supposed to give the best MPG of all the drive trains they offer. I have read where some owners say it improved when they replaced the factory installed tires with another brand.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 21st September, 2017