I hate to love my Jeep

110 words

Wrangler 2.5

I love the freedom of the Jeep

127 words

Wrangler YJ Islander 4.2 i6

After some TLC and little cheap things, it's been the best vehicle I have ever owned

113 words, 1 comment

Wrangler S 2.5 I4

There's only one Jeep!

96 words, 1 comment

Wrangler Islander 4.2L straight 6

Pull your hair out fun

72 words

Wrangler 2.5L

Reliable, fun to drive YJ

93 words

Wrangler Islander 4.2L

Fun outweighs headaches

133 words

Wrangler Base 2.5 liter

Mighty Mouse

110 words

Wrangler S 2.5L

There's only one!

167 words

Wrangler YJ 4L

215 words, 1 comment

Wrangler Islander 4.2 liter Inline 6

A great investment and a great sight to look at

155 words, 2 comments

Wrangler Yj Loredo Straight 6

Solid, but costly

57 words

Wrangler Islander 4.2L

Great Jeep love this thing!

237 words, 2 comments

Wrangler 2.5

Just like a leatherman, best all-round tool there is

157 words

Wrangler 2.5

It's a Jeep, enough said!

65 words

Wrangler YJ Islander 4.2 I6

Get ready for a love-hate relationship!!

701 words, 44 comments

Wrangler 2.4 Liter

A perfect car if you aren't going far and need reliability

148 words