1998 Jeep Wrangler SE 2.5L 4 Cylinder


I really love my Jeep, but I am not as happy with it as I feel I should be


A Jeep is temperamental; I have had to accept this. Thus, owning a Jeep can be very impractical, since there always seems to be something that needs fixing. Since I have had my Jeep, the following problems have occurred:

The Radiator started leaking along the top edge of the plastic-to-metal crimp.

The Alternator went out.

The Instrument panel goes dead every once and a while; but, with a good slap to the dash, the cluster comes back on.

The Rear Oil Pan Seal leaks now.

The Brakes squeal for some unknown reason. (A mechanic that checked them said there was nothing wrong with them, but they could possibly be shimmed better.)

Indeed, a Jeep is purpose-built; so, with that in mind, I guess that certain exceptions must be made when considering the expectations of such a vehicle. However, I think that the quality is lacking in the area of craftsmanship. It's a tough rig, but it should not have the defects that it does.

General Comments:

Despite my woes concerning the maintenance of this vehicle, it is by far the most fun, most unique, and most modifiable vehicle I have ever had! I love it! I have developed a "relationship" with it, since it requires babying, and because there is always some customization that I want to do on it.

Something else that I really like about it is that it seems like my personality is reflected in this machine; for I, too, am moody and in need of constant attention! ;)

The ride is something to get used to; but I enjoy it now. And, I love driving it with the doors and top off!

My Jeep goes everywhere I want it to go, and I have certainly not pushed it to its limits. It is so capable!

This vehicle is fun on four wheels - if you don't mind getting your hands a little greasy every so often! :)

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Review Date: 30th May, 2005

1998 Jeep Wrangler SE 4.0


Reliable and Fun


I replaced the muffler and catalytic converter at 85,000 miles.

I replaced the belt at 88,000 miles.

Gas Gauge does not read accurately.

General Comments:

A type of go anywhere do anything vehicle, very pleased with my Jeep. Excellent in the snow. Summer driving with top and doors off is a plus. The seats though could have a little more back support and cushion, but is a Jeep.

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Review Date: 12th March, 2005

1998 Jeep Wrangler Base Inline 4


Definitely worth it!


Not many things at all.

New Radiator at 64k.

New Windshield at 12k (Dealer replaced it before I purchased it)

New Windshield at 50k.

The Infamous dash spasms.

General Comments:

I am very pleased with my Jeep. I got it used in 2001 from my Local Chrysler Dealer with 12k miles on it, I believe it was a lease return.

The gas mileage could be better, but it's a Jeep.

It now is 7 years old with 69k miles on it and still has the original serpentine belt, battery and has never had a tune-up performed, but I change the oil every 3k miles or when I get bored... whichever comes first.

I got 60k mile tires for it and they've only lasted 15k, and I don't drive like Richard Petty.

I am astonished at how well it does off-highway, I've had it in water up over the front fenders and not get stuck, but due to poor tires I did manage to bury it in mud up over the tires and this is a stock Jeep. It is also very good in the snow as well.

If you've heard the rumors about the old CJ's and First Generation Wranglers being noisy and having poor heat you'll be surprised to see that the new generation has been changed A lot. The Heater is unbelievable and the soft-top is not as loud as the older Wranglers. The only bad thing about the soft top is that after a while the window zippers freeze up and leave the track which is an easy hour fix.

I love having the roof down, when I first got it, it took me 2 hours to get the roof on or off, but now I can do it in just under 5 minutes on a bad day. Once I had to do an hour and a half of Interstate Driving with the top down in the rain, but thankfully they were smart enough to put drain plugs in and easily removable carpets.

Overall it's dependable, cheap and I will own it until I literaly run it into the ground and when that happens I'll be getting another one.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2005

5th Mar 2005, 08:56

The first generation Wranglers (YJ) actually had excellent heaters.