2016 Kia Rio EX 1.6L


Great small car for the money


No problems in the year I've owned this car.

General Comments:

The 2016 Rio is a well designed car that runs well, is very maneuverable and a great city car. I have the 5-door EX, which includes a back-up camera and enhanced stereo system (to be honest, I don't notice much difference from the LX I used to own). This in addition to the other standard features that Kia offers that most other cars sell as extras (including heated front seats and satellite radio). One of the best features of this car is the roominess, which is surprising for a car this size. Four adults can sit comfortably in this car without feeling cramped.

I drive this car in the city and work downtown, so parking maneuverability is important to me. I can park this car anywhere, and can fit in even tighter spaces using the back-up camera. The turning radius is very tight, which is good in tight spaces. Gas mileage in traffic is not exceptional (~12.5 L/100 km), but I mostly drive in stop-and-go traffic. Much better performance on the highway (~6.5 L/100 km) driving about 120 km/h (75 mph). Side note - it is also surprisingly stable on the highway. Again, I drive mostly in high traffic, and I expect the car would get better city mileage in more normal driving conditions.

This engine isn't exactly powerful, and it bogs down with the Eco option turned on. That said, it has decent pickup if you give it gas. I've had no mechanical problems with this car or my previous, which speaks well of Kia. Storage in the 5-door is better than in the 4-door version with a trunk. The ride is also a bit stiff, which is normal in a smaller car with a short wheelbase, so don't expect to glide over rough roads. You will feel every bump. I haven't found it any worse than other cars such as a Cavalier, but haven't really compared to all others.

This is a great car for the money. I've owned it for a year and still enjoy driving it.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2017

2nd Jul 2017, 02:40

Good practical review :)