1995 Land Rover Discovery


A Financial Nightmare


I have replaced the Alternator twice.

I have replaced the battery.

I have replaced the ignition.

Car has stalled on numerous occasions.

Passenger side door lock does not work.

General Comments:

I really loved the way the Discovery looked when I purchased it, however, I have had to put more money in this car in such a short time than any other vehicle I have ever owned.

The engine is great. The cabin is very roomy. The gas mileage is not bad. However, the number of repairs that I have had to make far outnumber the benefits. It has just been one thing after another.

In addition to the price I paid to purchase the truck, I have had to put in over another $2000 in a year's time.

I would NOT buy another Discovery ever again.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2004

17th Jun 2004, 14:57

Luck of the draw. when you realise how many are sold every year, they are still the best production 4x4 on the market. I have had mine 5 years and apart from annual service, has cost me nothing. just look after them,

23rd Jun 2004, 13:30

I have to agree with the financial nightmare appraisal. My 95 Disco had repeated failures of several expensive parts -- sun roof tracks, window arm thingy, fuel pump relay, etc. As for towing, it did have good torque, but the engine couldn't handle the load. After blowing a second engine I sold it for parts. I'm done with Rovers.

21st May 2006, 13:23

I have bought 2 Disco's, both used and both are doing well, one 95, one 98, speaking for my friends, family, and myself, we all enjoy the roomy and luxurious interior and the space is good for making trips to the airport, having a big family, I do that a lot, and off- road there is no comparision to Land Rover.

2nd Jul 2007, 21:23

If you have Gas in your oil then you've probably got a compression problem. In short your piston rings are probably bad and seeping unburnt fuel, due to the fouled plugs into your crankcase. If you think its because there is water in the gas it probably is... the water from your cooling system. Check your radiator for a foamy white film on the top of the rad. cap. This would be from oil getting into the cooling jacket around the cylinders from a blown or leaky head gasket. From what you mention it sounds like you need an engine.

9th Sep 2007, 04:03

Fact is mate, you bought that Landy second-hand with a few miles on the clock.

I have some wisdom for you when buying a second hand vehicle.

You never know if the previous owner was a Knob who buggered up the car. So track down a mechanic, pay him a couple of bucks to come with you and check out the workings. If the seller says 'no' then you know that he probely pulled the car through his plumbers crack.

My wife bought a Toyota corolla with 200 000 km on the clock and it is still like new, I can see that the previous owner looked after it.

British army uses landies and they go every where.

1995 Land Rover Discovery SE


A man's car. If you have a lot money to spare


Replaced all shocks by 60,000 miles.

Engine tapping sound only fixed after visited 3 dealers (and cost over $3000 totally).

Alternator died in the middle of highway.

Any routine services cost an arm and a leg.

General Comments:

Comfortable for the driver. Very rough for 5-6 other persons in the car. Excellent in winter, goes everywhere.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2002

21st Jun 2004, 23:43

When purchasing a used vehicle you are at the mercy of the previous owner more-so than the manufacturer. How was it treated the first 59 000 miles???

1995 Land Rover Discovery V8i 3.9L V8


This is an awesome truck, that no other vehicle in its class can match


There are no real major problems with my Disco. Just minor things like the cruise control will not work most of the time. And other small things like the wiper won't work for about an hour, then it will work.

General Comments:

This car is great! There is nothing better in the world for off-road driving, and on road driving is like most Sport Utility Vehicles. It is so great to go off roading with many of my friends and have to go and drag them out of the mud because they can't make it out themselves.

I have never ever had a problem with this car. Anyone whom is considering buying a Sport Utility Vehicle, this is the one!

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Review Date: 12th June, 2001

1995 Land Rover Discovery V8i petrol


Very reliable day to day, but needs more hp


24000 - Warped dashboard. Cracked rubber window rubber seals at Alpine window. Both changed by dealer goodwill. Thanks LRNA.

43000 - Engine tappet, cam button. Gasket leak, replaced. Dealer fix. $$? Affordable. Thanks for a Rover club in the US.

48000 - Overheat. Changed thermostat. Dealer recommends radiator. Towed car home and changed the thermostat.

50000 - Intercooler leaking. Needs replacement. In progress.

General Comments:

Needs hp compared to other SUV's in the international market.

Still strong and kicks ass off-road. 85% stock of course.

Wife loves driving it with ARB bumpers on, 31 big tires. Badly scratched but no major body damage.

Will keep it, still worth keeping.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2001

7th Apr 2010, 16:16

Amen on the more power. But then we would just put more stuff on them and bigger tires. We would be back at square 1.

8th Apr 2010, 21:26