1996 Land Rover Discovery SE7 4.0L Gasoline


BEST VALUE for its INTENDED use (i.e. Caveat Emptor, suburbanites!)


Leaks like a sieve - No worries.

ALL electronics work intermittently.

The original stereo is bland and uninspired.

General Comments:

I bought this SUV for work in the Oilsands.

The Oilsands destroy GM, Toyota, and Nissan trucks. It was either a $70000 Ford Superduty or a $5000 Discovery II.

...the fuel economy is indeed tragic, unless you work in the Oil Industry ;)

Naturally, all the electronics have a typically British charm - sometimes they work. Sometimes mystery screws or plastic fascia appear on the floor. Occasionally the engine sounds like it might die. It does not.

Most comfortable ride driving in a mine or lease. Only the GMC Yukon comes close, and it's about 3x the price and has 2/3 of the life expectancy of a 'broken in' Discovery.

...If you have to pay for fuel, think long and hard.

...If you bought it new, you have my sympathies.

I also own an extremely reliable, well appointed, comfortable, (reasonably) powered Japanese sedan.

Guess which one is for sale.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2008

1996 Land Rover Discovery SE


Wit the brush bar and lights, it's a classic


Just the normal maintenance issues.

I did install a new harmonic balancer at 90,000.

General Comments:

I've always maintained the car, oil changes, premium gas, added Bilstein shocks.

Find anybody, but a Landrover dealer to help you keep the car in top shape. Somethings you can google and do yourself for a fraction of the price.

This car is going to be retired to be our beach car. Even in 2008 people comment to me they love the look of it..

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2008

1996 Land Rover Discovery SD 4.0


Great little truck


Catalytic converter replaced due to rattle.

Wheel bearing went bad.

Wheel/brake sensor issues

SRS light on

ABS light on

Rear window switches work intermittently.

General Comments:

Nice reliable truck. Runs strong and is very reliable, last 4 summers have drove it from Florida to Colorado, a 2000 mile trek each way. Never an issue, just put air in the tires, or air out of the tires (depending which way I was going), gas in the tank... which can be an issue.

For a "weak" 8 cylinder 4 liter engine it gets only 17 miles to gallon. I wish it had more power when driving up long hills. For the mileage I sometimes think I could get a true 5 liter engine with some bigger balls.

Interior is nice (leather) and sitting up high on the road is a plus. Seats could be better designed to be a little more comfortable... but I guess it is a truck. 3rd row seating has never been used, no kids, would rather have the storage. But a cool feature Looking to buy a new truck... maybe a 2001-2 Discovery?

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Review Date: 8th September, 2007

1996 Land Rover Discovery SE 4.0 liter


The Discovery is the best vehicle for the money


Nothing has went wrong with the my Discovery. I don't care what JD Power Associates said about the Discovery, it's apparent that they don't know a great vehicle when they see one.

General Comments:

I love my Discovery, it's is a great and solid 4x4. Way more solid than Jeep and other 4x4's.

It is a tall vehicle, which is great because I love the headspace.

People complain because it doesn't carry cargo. HELLO, IT'S AN OFF ROAD VEHICLE, THINK PEOPLE, THINK!

The Land Rover is the best 4x4 for the money and always will be regardless of what J. D Power says.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2006

1996 Land Rover Discovery SE7 4.0 V8 gas


Trade it for a Japanese car quick!!!


Auto Dim mirror leak/broke (oil from it dripped onto wood trim and burned a hole in it).

Engine blew at 55,000 Miles.

Rear door lock is inoperable.

Right front passenger window won't go down.

Rear sunroof won't open

Intake gasket had to be replaced.

Right rear passenger door lock actuator inoperable.

Head gasket now leaking.

Some rust is beginning to appear in places.

General Comments:

I would like to think I have bad luck purchasing autos, however this thing has been horrible in terms of reliability, sevice, comfort, fuel economy, and performance. Who, in their right mind, after reviewing the specs of these vehicles, would purchase one of these cars. They drink gas--not a really bad thing to live with, but they handle like a cruise ship and are so underpowered it isn't funny. This product is a very poor value for the dollars.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2002

9th Jan 2003, 01:10

Sounds almost as bad as my Nissan was!! The Mazda was much better, but still had that Japanese cheapness... you know what I mean, yes...

Now my two '96 SE7 Discoveries that I have now have served me well, the low(er) mileage one that the wife uses having only a speed sensor fault at 65,000 miles and my "hack" having no faults yet at 140,000...all have regular oil changes by ME and nothing much else except the occasional brake pad or tire change. My truck gets treated really hard towing and offroading when the aftermarket winch on the front has to be used occasionally... but sure, go ahead, buy a Jap "can"...good luck! (How much do you want for your SE7 by the way???)