1997 Land Rover Discovery reviews from North America

Discovery SE 4.0 Rover

For the money, it's hard to beat

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Discovery SE 7 V8

OK, if you have a surplus of money to keep it up and running

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Discovery LSE 4.0 V8

They always leak a little bit. You can't fix that

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Discovery SE 4.0 V8

Capable, reliable suv

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Discovery SE V8

Absolute piece of crap - Poorly engineered

88 words, 13 comments

Discovery SE V8

1997 Discovery : The reason Rover is now bankrupt?

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Discovery SE 3.9 V8

Great, Great vehicle!

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Discovery SD 4.0

Very capable vehicle, but only if it's properly maintained

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Discovery SE 7 4.0


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Discovery SD7 4.0

A 4x4 that delivers

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Discovery V8i

Better to know before you buy

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Discovery 4 litre gas

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