1999 Land Rover Discovery 4.0i


A faithful friend


Fuel Filter replaced

Shocks replaced

Battery replaced.

General Comments:

I have owned a number of vehicles throughout the years, from luxury to performance cars and everything in between, but I honestly say that I have never appreciated or loved a car more than I do my 1999 Land Rover Discovery I. Not only has it been the most reliable and most trouble-free car I’ve owned, but also the one that has served me and my family the most. We’ve taken numerous long trips in it, through mountain roads and barely driveable off-road trails, through snow and through deserts, and it’s never let us down once. At 79,000 miles, it’s still my daily commuter, and although I own two other vehicles, one of them a Land Rover LR3 V8, I still prefer to drive the Disco. This car has character.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2007

4th Sep 2008, 16:06

I find it impressive that you choose to drive the Disco vs the LR3. I purchased an LR3 Brand New in 05 sold it in 07. I have just purchased a 1998 LE 50Th Anniversary Edition from someone who loved that Rover. It really feels like you are driving a tank and I love that it is very serviceable vs the LR3, even though I did play with rewiring the LR3 when I had it. Note that I prefer to drive my Dicso vs my 07 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and 94 Jeep Cherokee right now. The expanse of glass, seating position, and hefty drive line have won me over. - ALR.

1999 Land Rover Discovery 4.0 liter V8


Great all-round off-road utility vehicle


Problems inherited (pre-owned) :

Broken headlight washers.

Loose headlights.

Rear center armrest cup holder won't open.

Front passenger seat-belt height adjuster.

Cacophony of "plastic" squeaks.

General Comments:

I love my 99 Disco II! While I wouldn't pay US$40K + for a new one, $11,400 was a bargain and worth every penny. It was in remarkable shape and condition considering the 82K miles. Born and raised in Hong Kong, I still have an affinity for things British.

DRIVE-TRAIN: It's a tad sluggish compared to my buddies' GMC Envoy, Dodge Durango and Chevy Avalanche, but nevertheless the small block 4-liter V8 is very responsive with no noticeable lag. Plenty of low and mid-range torque. Once you get it up to speed, it just buzzes along quite happily.

The engine hums and whines like a 1000 h.p. gas turbine, and my buddies think it's the coolest thing. They also enjoyed the curiously high driving position, visibility, headroom, elbow-room, etc.

The 4-speed automatic tranny shifts very smoothly, and the gear transitions are barely perceptible and free from lurch.

I figured out the numerous plastic squeaks were from the silicone-based plastic dressing that the detailer enthusiastically sprayed everywhere. Drove me nuts. I fixed ALL the annoying squeaks by countering with a mineral-based light lubricant wherever squeaky noises were emitted. Avoid spraying silicone-based leather/plastic dressing - especially where plastic meets plastic.

LUXURIES: I'm truly enjoying the 11 speaker CD stereo now that I've remedied the squeaks. My friends are impressed with the sound dispersion and clarity.

The front seats with the lumbar supports are very comfortable. The rear seats feel a little stiff and slightly awkward, but are quite OK.

I took the day off and fixed all the inherited problems. The loose headlights were caused by dislocated ball-joint mounts. The rest of the annoyances were just as easy to remedy.

FUEL CONSUMPTION: After five fill-ups, I'm pleasantly surprised to note it's averaging 17 mpg with 80% highway driving at 70-80 mph. Pretty good for a 5000 lb. square rigger. It could be that I exploit the vehicle's mass and inertia by anticipating stops, etc.

HANDLING: For such a high-profile vehicle, the stability and cornering is impressive. I guess the Active Cornering Enhancement (ACE) really works, keeping the vehicle relatively flat.

The steering is predictable, and the short wheelbase makes for a certain responsiveness.

Finally, I love the high sheen black exterior. I caught myself smiling at my Disco II, and I could see my teeth. A paint job like that here in California will set you back $5K at a premium body shop.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2005

5th Oct 2006, 18:19

I live in Southern California, have just sold my Mercedes and am thinking of a Disco or Rover. Do you have a trustworthy mechanic? My main concern is that my mechanic doesn't work on these cars and I have no contacts other than the dealer who will rip me off for a simple oil change. Any advice would be tremendously appreciated.

7th Jan 2007, 15:08

HI, I'm 16 and looking into buying a land rover for my first car, I can afford it, but I'm wondering about repair costs. Have you run into any with yours? and if so what were the costs? Thanks Matt C.

24th Dec 2007, 07:17

My land rover is a very good car and it is one of the best car I have.

Land rover has a suiting taste and it is always happy while on long journeys.

7th Apr 2008, 19:03

Purchased a 1999 a few weeks ago... checked it out real good put it up on the hoist, everything is out in the open and easy to work on... I can see if you have to has someone else work on it, I'm sure it could be expensive... I put new monroe shocks on it, and wasn't that expensive, around $200.Did it myself...I'm sure the dealership wants close to a grand for the job. I found all the so called nightmare parts on line for a reasonable price... really no different than my volvo's I've owned in the past.

17th May 2009, 15:07

Yes, I bought a Disco series one. I was a little leery at first, but as I got know the auto, I felt more confident that I could work on it. I had to order an owner's manual. Got something called RAVA. It told me almost everything I needed to know on how to fix it. The cheapest I've ever paid, 15.00. for something that was as helpful.

Nice ride, very comfortable and quiet. They are a bit pricey, but I pick up mine for 7000. It makes you feel safe in heavy traffic. I might buy a LR3, will see.

Thanks, Buck.