2000 Land Rover Discovery Series 2 4.0


Safe vehicle for families, but be on top of maintenance


Things I have changed or repaired:

Power steering pump: $250.

Alternator: $130.

Brakes and rotors: $350.

Passenger side exhaust manifold repair: $140.

Tires: $1100 (I have 19" Range Rover rims).

Rear main seal, head and oil pan gaskets: $400.

Rear door hatch handle not functioning: $0 (sprayed WD40 and loosened everything and working fine now).

Alternator idle pulley cracked: $280.

Now there are other things that need repair but don't require immediate attention like headliner sagging, rust building up in the rear frame and front sub frame, power locks are not working for all doors except for driver, rear wiper/cruise control/left fog light and right headlight are becoming dim or not functioning, but these are just fuses or faulty wire connections which are DO IT YOURSELF jobs.

General Comments:

For what I paid for Landy ($2200) and how long I've owned it, I can't really complain about it. It's been a family vehicle, to a daily commuter, moved my family and our things 3 times, literally packed it to the top, mattresses, 10 storage bins, 2 night drawer tables with lamps, bed frames and a 40" TV. The elevated roof line helped a lot in fitting everything and our stuff. But now that it's been roughed up throughout the years and the mileage is getting higher, I might just dedicate the Disco 2 to off road, since it might not pass the next state inspection too (mainly because of the rust) and I'm having to top off the oil a quart between oil changes.

All in all, the Land Rover Discovery 2 has been safe, reliable transportation for me and my family, and owners just have to be mindful of not going too long with a repair needed. Because once there's a hint of something going, it will go quickly, trust me.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2017

2000 Land Rover Discovery SE 4.0 petrol V8


Wonderful and rewarding, although not for the faint-hearted


Prior to my ownership (I bought this from a relative), the water pump, cooling fan blade and clutch assembly, spark plugs, ignition wires, and passenger seat fore/aft adjustment motor were replaced. I'm sure there were other items over the years, but those were the things I found receipts for in the glovebox.

When I bought the car it had been sitting for about three years, so I knew it would need some things. I have replaced the following items:

All five tires (Michelin LTX's were replaced with Continental CrossContact LX20 and they are very well suited to this vehicle).

Thermostat assembly (plastic housing was deteriorating, OEM Calorstat unit used for replacement).

Three door lock actuators were not working and required replacement.

Rear brake pads were absolutely shot, but the original discs are still in fantastic shape.

Front and rear differential fluids were changed, with the rear differential fluid being strangely watery when drained, but no noise or oddities when driving.

Shuttle valve on ABS module was replaced due to hard fault, then two ABS wheel speed sensor codes were revealed when the shuttle valve fault was cleared. New Pex speed sensors are sitting on my desk right now.

I will soon replace the head gaskets preventively, since they are known to leak on all of these. The valve cover gaskets are pouring oil, and by the time you replace those on one of these, you might as well do the head gaskets.

General Comments:

So that's a long list of "problems" up there, but to me it is all normal old car stuff, and I knew exactly what I was getting myself into.

Yes, I fully acknowledge this car is financially stupid to own, and I can already tell my friends all think I have finally gone off my rocker by purchasing this thing, when I have a healthy financial landscape going on and a perfect 2008 Audi A4.

I got bored though. I always wanted the A4, everyone thought it was nuts, I proved them wrong with it, and now I'm set to do it again with this big bright red fire truck.

Fortunately I manage an import repair shop, the owner of which is a British car nut, we have parts Land Rovers, and I have a technician who knows these things in and out, because the other technician hates Land Rovers and punts them all to the first guy, who has now become an expert on them. What is all of this for me? A big WIN.

One day I will be working somewhere else and living in a different city where I will be subject to paying retail for car repairs again, so the goal is to get both of these cars absolutely perfect before that happens. Mission accomplished with the Audi, especially since I bought it almost-new anyway, and the Land Rover is in great shape really. For one thing, it does NOT HAVE A SERVICE ENGINE SOON LIGHT ON, which is a gift with one of these. The temperature gauge also stays nice and level, and the drivetrain is free of clunks and weird noises.

The car drives fantastically, but it is definitely a truck, so if you're looking for a car or crossover experience, don't buy one of these. Although it accelerates adequately, stops adequately, and will out-handle other truck-based SUVs, it is not a rocket ship like many modern SUVs, and the brakes are definitely not what I'm used to after having driven a BMW 3-series and Audi A4 for the last ten years.

Everything about the car is clunky, with doors that make very mechanical sounds when opening and closing, and great big live axles that make it sort of amble along the road. Even with this, there is not one squeak or rattle that I've found while driving it.

The ergonomics, well, there aren't any. Do familiarize yourself with where things are before setting off down the road, because this is NO Honda when it comes to locations of controls. Buttons are sort of scattered around with very little logic, but the features are all there and everything works well.

The Harman/Kardon sound system is fantastic, and the A/C is nice and cold. The heated power front seats are wonderful, and the back seat is both very accommodating, and yet disappears nicely when extra cargo space is needed.

This is my hedonistic vehicle. It's just like owning an elephant: ridiculous, but wonderful.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2014