2010 Lexus IS 250C 2.5L V6


Still grinning every time I get in it


The only thing I've had to do is put air in the tires.

General Comments:

It’s a remarkable automobile. I had no idea a hardtop convertible would be this nice.

With the top up, you would not know it’s a convertible, other than the fact that the back seat is smaller than the sedan. It’s quiet, completely sealed against rain or snow, warm, comfortable. Plenty of trunk space, as long as you don’t plan to fold the top. I do some photography on the side. I can put the lighting kit, camera bags, tripod, folding dolly all in the back out of sight. Drove it 2,000 miles in the spring, was surprised at the comfort of the seats and the quiet. A very nice ride. With top down, really fun to drive.

Car and Driver says it’s too slow, but they’re nuts. I’m not racing this thing. Press the ‘power’ button on the dash and it’s as peppy a car as I’d very want. The 350 model would be a complete waste. Side visibility is great for a convertible, but you want the backup camera. You know the back seat will be small, but not bad for adults up to about 5'10".

Downsides: I’m in Chicago. Rear wheel is not as stable on snow as front, even with traction control. Definitely prefer my wife’s Accord when it’s slick. It’s good looking, but not what it should be. Toyota needs to farm out their body designs. Would be nice, too, if they could find a way to keep the wind from hitting the back of your neck with the top down at highway speeds. I'm not buying their stupid wind screen.

Bike rack is a little bit of a pain, since you need to use a trailer-hitch style. Also take the bikes off before you open or close the top, since rear deck kicks back when it moves and you have to fold your rack down first (it does warn you, however, if you forget).

Navigation is not as nice as Google Maps. Good on the highway, but I don’t use it for short trips. Standard sound system is good for a standard radio, but I wish I had the premium one. Maybe I'll add that.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2014

13th Jul 2014, 11:56

Why 5 for the reliability, as you mentioned all you had to do is put some air into your tyres? It's a great car, and I am contemplating whether I go for an IS250c or CT200h. Either will be a great option, and will still be Lexus!