1990 Lexus LS reviews from North America

LS 400 4.0L V8

Super comfortable

57 words

LS 400

Fantastic car. Highly recommended

LS 400

Holy cow! Bulletproof!

LS 400 4l V8

Doesn't get any better in this price range

241 words

LS 400

Best car I have ever owned

LS 400 4.0 V8


258 words

LS 400

Excellent car, even with 150K on it

LS 400

The best used car value on the road

LS 400 4.0L V8

Exellent value

170 words

LS 400 V8

The finest car available

65 words, 3 comments

LS 400 ECT

World most reliable luxury car

304 words, 8 comments