Mark VIII LSC 4.6L V8

Comfortable, fast, good looking

73 words, 4 comments

Mark VIII 4.6

Buy an import instead

321 words, 2 comments

Mark VIII LSC 4.6L V8

FAST, luxurious, and clean lines; the true definition of American Luxury

338 words

Mark VIII LSC 4.6

Probably the nicest looking and driving car I have had in a long time, but has had repair issues

216 words

Mark VIII Base 4.6L InTech

A wonderful car for someone with some extra money

180 words

Mark VIII 4.6L DOHC V8

Solid RWD beast, but beware pricey parts

353 words


Buying this car used is WORTH IT!

360 words, 6 comments

Mark VIII 4.6 V8 32v

This is a great car!

71 words

Mark VIII LSC 4.6 V8

Most treasured car I've ever owned

100 words

Mark VIII Basic 4.6 Liter V8 32 valve

An excellent value, but not a low cost option

431 words

Mark VIII LSC 4.6 InTech V8

Not a fit for 6 foot, 250 pound me

157 words, 10 comments

Mark VIII no

Superb value

134 words