2008 Lincoln MKX 3.7 liter V6


No wonder this car is so popular!!


Nothing has gone wrong with the MKX yet. The paint on the back bumper is cheap, and chips and scratches appear easily over the entire car... it is black.

Needs a cargo area protector for the top of the bumper.

General Comments:

Lincoln created air-conditioned seats as their answer to crack. I'm an addict for sure. Drives like a dream, has the turning radius of a Toyota Corolla. Rock solid. Needs cargo area cover... no place to hide stuff.

Crappy gas mileage, we averaged about 15 which SHOULD be a lot better. We drive carefully and coast and brake appropriately. In town 15 mpg, highway 22. Not impressed with that, our 1999 Continental with the 32-valve DOHC Intech V8 with 300 ponies got the same mileage in-town and BETTER on the highway!

Overall this car is an extreme pleasure to drive. Could use a power tilt on the steering wheel.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2008

3rd Sep 2010, 15:17

Actually, it is a 3.5. It is a very trivial mistake, but it is the same engine they use in the Edge. Enjoy your car!

24th Oct 2010, 02:14

My father has one of these. I hope to bring it overseas when he passes. I'm wondering what parts should I load into the car before I send it on?

9th Aug 2012, 00:10

Was your 99 Conti broken? You should've kept it... These new "Lincoln"s look like ricers to me... I pick on my 2000 Conti, but you can't beat the acceleration. And the mileage, while not what I'd like, for a V-8 it ain't 1/2 bad; 16-17 city, 24-25 highway.

10th Aug 2012, 00:48

My family currently has a Lincoln MKZ and a Ford Fusion (which is an MKZ with 10 grand less ego). Both are awesome cars. Although basically identical, the Lincoln has more sound insulation and feels just a tiny bit quieter. The I-4 Fusion gets nearly twice the fuel mileage. It gets 34 to the MKZ's 19. Frankly, the ego appeal of the MKZ is not worth the extra 10 grand in my opinion.